Monday, October 5, 2015

Genesis 9:11-17. No lack of Faith in the South!

Hey everyone!
This week has been...weird. 
We did a whole lot better having members come out with us to the lessons we had planned, and we had some really good ones. 
We were with two members the other day, and we were going to visit a someone who has started coming back to church, and it was like a scene out of a movie. 
Elder O and I were in the back seat of his Toyota Tacoma, (4 Cylinder, 4wd in case you were wondering) haha and we were at a red light. He had already been in a little bit of a hurry, and we were heading to the man’s apartment. I looked over, and saw him in his Mustang and pointed him out as he drove in front of us. The other member shouted sarcastically "After him!" And we laughed, but then the light turned green. Rather than moving on and going to see someone else like I thought we would do, he changed lanes and started to chase him down! They really wanted to visit him. Haha we followed him a couple of blocks and finally met up at this little business. We got out and had a quick little prayer and got to sit down and share a message with him. I shared a scripture with him, and issued him the challenge to pray this week for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone he comes in contact with.

I gotta tell y'all, we are blessed where we live. We don't have to deal with all the pests like these people have to. For example, most nights when we come home, there are 1 or 2 possums looking for food in or near our back yard. I can only imagine what some people in my home town would do if they even saw a possum in their yard.  At home we are very blessed not to have to deal with fleas, ticks (that much) chiggers, roaches, palmetto bugs, giant millipedes and all the other pests they have out here. We were in a lesson the other night, and I looked down, and flicked a flea off my arm. I had never even seen a flea :P I remember my very first night in South Carolina, I walked outside of the mission home, because It was weird to actually be outside in this new beautiful place and there was a roach on the ground. I caught it and showed it to everyone, and everyone was so interested because none of us had ever seen one. get used to them. I am still gonna try to catch a possum though. Suckers are fast when they want to be! And I still haven't seen an armadillo. 

We had an awesome lesson with one of our new investigators this last week in our Branch President's home. The spirit was so strong, and everything was just going well! We taught all about the Plan of Salvation, and all the wonderful blessing that come from keeping the commandments. I think the most special thing though, was when we taught about how families can be together forever, and her eyes lit up. She was so intrigued by that doctrine and just had so many questions for us. When we finished talking about it, we asked her how she felt and what she thought, and she said "I feel like I need to get baptized." Oh I love stuff like that :) She is on date for Halloween, which I think will be really cool. 
Conference was way fun! We have been on lockdown since Friday night because of the hurricane, so we weren't allowed to drive our car at all. We got rides with Members to and from Church for all the sessions. I think my favorite talks were Elder Ballard, Elder Hales and Elder Holland's. 
Elder Holland had me in tears though. He gave a worldwide shout-out to Mommas. The way he invited the spirit in very strongly by testifying of the Savior preforming the atonement, using words like Carry, Lift, Bear, Deliver..then turned it around and focused on mothers. He talked about how the love of a mother to her child is as close as it gets to the love Christ has for us as. How they bare us, then bear with us. How they Carry us, then carry us through our lives. The work a mother does is essential to Christ's work. I love you Momma Bear :) Thanks for being my momma! 
In the lower parts of the state, there are huge floods, and in some parts of the upstate where I am, there have been some pretty severe flash floods. We barely got any rain. Haha I was so bummed not to see anything worse than that. Elder O and I were ready for 4-5 feet of water coming down the street! Haha didn't happen. We just found out also that we will be in lockdown for Monday too, so I don't know how that's going to work out....It's funny though, because anyone we talk to about the flooding and the rain will say something like "Eh, I aint worried bout the rain, He promised he'd never flood the earth like that again. We'll get through it." There is no lack of Faith in God here in the south! The people are sassy, redneck, and full of faith. It's just a matter of clearing up all the false doctrine that Satan has been able to spread. 
Pray for us! 
We're gonna go try to survive the "Awful weather" up here in the upstate. :P
Genesis 9:11-17
Love y'all!

-Elder Sunshine other news, Elder O. drew me a Trogdor. :) 
He's a burnanator :)

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