Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Spirit

This is the amazing ornament that Uncle Scott made and sent me. It is perfect. I LOVE it! Thank you Scott!

Hey y'all!
Crazy week! Good one though, we have been getting the hang of the area a little bit more lately, like on Tuesdays we have our District Development meeting, and that is a couple miles away from us, so we have to bike there. It is nice because we have a bike path near our area that leads us straight to the church. It is a bummer to have to bike to meetings, especially because that day was really rainy, and it hit hard while we were in the meeting. It was okay though! We still make the best of it.

We had a gift exchange at the end of our meeting, which was a lot of fun. I liked being able to make the Christmas spirit part of our meeting.
We didn't have a lot of success on finding and teaching this week, and it sounded like the rest of our district didn't have much luck either. We have all been trying though! Usually holidays are a great time to find families because everyone is on break, not working, and home. Plus, the Christmas spirit is already there! It was weird this time though. Oh well! We still tried our best, and are going to keep working hard!
We spent the majority of Christmas Eve on the Ashley river fishing, since we aren't allowed to Proselyte on the 24th or the 25th. We ended up talking to a whole lot of people anyway! They would come and talk to us about what we were up to, ask us if we caught anything, and then ask what our nametags were for. A lot of people asked us if we were military. I have never heard that one before!
Fishing was fun; we didn't catch a whole lot, a couple bream and catfish, except I caught an eel. Did not expect that. But, since I have been to Charleston I have caught an Eel, a stingray, and a blue crab. Next up, I just need to catch a shark! Haha We had a great day. 

Who catches an EEL???

We had Dinner with the McLean family, we love going over there. :) We are actually emailing on their back porch today, same place where I Skyped. 
Just like with my first Christmas out here, I followed Elder Harris' example, and I got up extra early and stuffed everything I could underneath the tree :) It was so much fun!
On Christmas morning, we opened presents at the other Elders apartment, and had a very fun time all hanging out. The other Elders thought the gifts I got were awesome, as did I :) We immediately opened the goop, sand, and foam and had a blast :) Thank y'all for everything! It was a lot of fun. 
We went to the church after opening our gifts, and the other elders started to Skype. We had a couple of hours before it was time for us to go to the McLean’s and Skype, so we hung out at the church too,
Elder Nielsen and I spent some time throwing a Frisbee back and forth in the gym. That was way fun :) Just like hanging out at Hunter Park on Thursday nights back home. We did that for a little while and then got a ride and started the Skype process. Elder Connolly went first, and his Skype wasn't working very well, because he couldn't hear his family at all, so after trying to get it to irk for a while, I just called his family, and handed him the phone, that way he could hear them and they could hear him. :) Problem solved.
Then, I got to Skype :) That was so cool! It was awesome to see y'all again! I hope you enjoyed it :) I did! It was really interesting to see how normal it was, how the last time we Skyped, there was so much emotion, and it was really hard, and this time it was kinda like "Hey, what's up?" Haha just nice to see that everyone and everything was okay. But it was the highlight of my day! I hope the family enjoyed it.

We hung out at the McLean’s for a while, helped them make Dinner and ate a little there. I learned how to make monkey bread in a bundt pan :) stoked for that!
We went and had dinner with a family in our ward, the Lohr's. They are very nice, and made a great dinner! Afterwards, they told us that Brother Lohr had hidden the Christmas Pickle on the tree, and no one could find it. He asked us if we wanted to try. We spent probably 20 minutes of our dinner hour searching a decently big tree for this little ornament with no luck at all. Luckily, I got eaten alive by chiggers again, in the tree, so that's great :P after another 10 minutes of looking, we were about to have to call it a night, but I found it, hanging on the bark, visible, but hidden very well at the bottom of the tree. I got the cookie Prize. :) So much fun.
We both gave talks in Church yesterday, and it was different but very fun too :) The entire bishopric was out of town, but things went well anyway. We were originally told to only take 7 minutes each, but right before sacrament started, we were told to take as much time as we could because there were only 3 of us. We each took a good amount of time, and it was awesome :) My talk was based from the Conference talk given by Brent H. Nielsen in the April 2015 conference. The talk was "Waiting for the Prodigal" and it was so much fun. The spirit was very strong in the meeting. :)
After church, we had some lunch, did an hour of training, and went out working. We contacted a couple of people, set up some appointments for this coming week, and decided to do some knocking. We tried a couple of houses with no luck, and then decided to talk to the guys we had passed a little earlier who were working on a vehicle. Pontiac Vibe Gt to be exact.
We walked over by the house, walked up the drive way and I just started a conversation with them about what they we're doing. We were talking for a while very quickly, and there were no walls. They opened up very easily and started talking with us, it was so cool! When the time was right, I asked them about church and if they have a church they went to around here, one of the guys smiled, looked at me and said "Yeah, we're Mormon."
Haha took me by surprise, but then it started to make sense. They went on to talk about how it had been a while since they had been, but they were the children of a man we had been trying to get in contact with! They are in another ward, but their father is in ours. Such a cool blessing!
We also finally got in contact with an inactive woman with 3 daughters and a husband that aren't members, and we have an appointment with them on Wednesday! So excited for that.  :) Great week, having a blast, just hoping to continue to be able to help this area move forward and be a good missionary. 
Love y'all!
On our Mother's Day Skype, Joel caught a bunny. This time he caught 2 lizards. Can't wait for the next one....

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