Monday, January 18, 2016

Ultimate Frisbee

It is very bright and sunshiny here today!
Hey y'all, 
Much better week this week.
 It started off a little slow, but picked up very fast. We had lunch with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday after our meeting, and we talked for a long time. We will be going on with them on Wednesday and we are both pretty excited. I'm interested to see how it goes. They are letting us decide who will be going where, and I'm not sure if I should send Elder Connolly, or let him stay in the area. I know that he would do fine here, and it would be a super good growing experience since he is new missionary, but I am mostly leaving it up to him, and praying to know which is the right thing to do.

We got a call on Tuesday night from a member that had some stuff come in her life, and she needed to pack up and leave by Friday. She was taking her kids and moving to Utah with her parents. We went over Wednesday and there was so much work to be done. We would spend Wednesday, Thursday and all of Friday over there: painting walls, holes in the walls, replacing light fixtures, ripping out carpet and pulling the staples out of the floor, and a ton of other stuff. We basically remodeled the entire house. It was so much fun, doing manual labor felt so good. We got some new referrals that we stoked to go and contact, and I am really hoping that we gain some people in our teaching pool so we can help them come closer to their Savior. 
We had an ultimate frisbee game on Saturday morning, and invited as many people as we could. We had two less active teenagers in mind that we have been trying to get back to church, but their parents aren't really good influences on them at all, and with them being members and not living it, their kids see no reason why they need to even try. It breaks my heart.

We had a pretty decent turn out at the game, and it was a blast getting to run around the field and play, just like Thursday's back home. We are putting some of the youth in charge of getting the word out, and are playing every Saturday morning at 11 at the sports complex near our church building. So much fun. Watched a broadcasted stake conference from Salt Lake yesterday in church and got to sing in the youth choir since none of the youth showed up but it was still way fun. This morning we got up and went to the field and played some 3 on 3 ultimate with some members, and 2 nonmembers. It was awesome :) we also found out that the stake young men's president that lives in our area is a huge frisbee golf fan, and he wants to take us sometime. :) lots of plans for the near future. I am having a blast, and I'm excited for this next week.
Well, that's my week! 
Hope everything is good and everyone is doing well! 
Love y'all!
-Elder Joel "Sunshine" Barker.

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