Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Just living life as a missionary.

Hey y'all, 
This last week flew by, but it went pretty well.
We had a great Monday! It was my birthday and we enjoyed hanging out with Bobby on his birthday too! Elder Griffin and Elder Kirby came up from Columbia, and Elder Griffin brought his guitar, as did I, so we spent some time having a jam session! I love playing guitar with that kid haha we also got to throw a frisbee around for a while that night, and had a long drive back from Columbia. I love long drives :) 
We had our District Meeting on that Tuesday, and the Assistants to the mission President showed up to sit in. It was fun because one of our AP's is the trainer of Elder Thompson, who is our district leader, so they goofed around a little bit. It is nice when you have good leadership that will actually have a little fun here and there. Anyway, I got to teach on How to better use the Book of Mormon in our teaching appointments, and the importance of answering questions using the spirit. I thought it went pretty well :) We have made a tradition of going to Taco-Bell after our meetings and on P-day, so that is what we did. I really enjoy getting to just sit and talk with all of the other Elders in the District. I wish we were allowed to have the sisters there too, because they always feel left out...because they can't do the same things as us :/ oh well. We have some pretty awesome sisters. They work hard, and had an awesome investigator at church yesterday! :) 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all kind of mixed together, because we were able to do a lot of service this week. I absolutely love and crave being able to work and serve people...This time, we were taking a tree down. Now, I am not allowed to use a chainsaw while on the mission, so I borrowed a saws-all from another member, and with the help of a verrrrry tall ladder, I got to trim all the big limbs at the top in such a way that they would fall and avoid hitting the house. Everything went very well :) 

It was also about 100˚ while we were out working, so all of us were just soaked by the time we were done. We were all ready for some food, and a milkshake. Chicken fill-it to the rescue! (Chick fill-a) that is kind of our spot, other than TacoBell, there are a ton of members that work there, and they always come talk to us while we are there. We have actually taught a few of the other workers there too! It is amazing what just living life as a missionary can do. People look at us differently, and when they get curious enough, they start to ask questions :) 
We had some great things happen this week too! Our Recent Convert, T, was interviewed for the Priesthood last Wednesday, and we were able to stand in the circle yesterday when he was ordained and received the Priesthood :) That was awesome! We are so happy for him! He has just taken off in the gospel. We could not have asked for a better situation. Really. He is the definition of "Elect" We love him. 
         Well, sorry to cut this one short, but know that I love all of you, and I'll write more next week! 
Classic Missionaries....


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