Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hey y'all!

Hey y'all, this week was a little bit more of a slow one, and had its fair share of struggles, but we enjoyed it anyway! 
   One thing that we did get to do that I was super happy about, was help out one of the office staff! Since we are so close with them, as well as in close proximity to the mission office, we were asked to go over one day and help the Elder in charge of transportation with a few things. He had 2 bikes that needed to be shipped to missionaries that had already returned, and needed someone to disassemble them, and box them up, so he called me! We went over, and for about an hour, I got to take these two bikes apart (Separately) and cover them in bubble wrap and foam and box them up. I really enjoyed doing that! And while I was doing so, Elder Taylor was helping organize in the back where all our media orders are stored. We felt good being able to give back to the office staff who do so much for us. 
   After they were boxed up, we helped Elder Mecham load them into the mission van, and took them to the fed ex office to ship them. We talked with him quite a bit during the whole process, learned a few tips and tricks, and when we got back, we just sat in the van with us and related his conversion and life story to us...this man, and his wife, have given up literally everything they owned, to come on a mission....through a concatenation of misfortune, they were in a really tough spot, and decided they needed to take it to The Lord....well, their answer was to sell what little they had, and go on a mission...so they heeded that call, sold everything, including their home and everything in it, packed what was left over, and drove themselves to the SCCM, where we are all so happy to have them here...Everyone loves the Mechams..about the end of his story, we were all in tears, and the spirit was so strong...we would get to help him later on again because he needed some heavy lifting done to get boxes to the post office before the busy week ahead! We love being able to help!

   We got our flight itineraries in the mail...that was trunky...haha I sit in 31c on my way back to Salt Lake, and it is a 4 hour flight, that has something to do it's changing time zones or time travel or something, I will find out more later. ;) 
   We are loving Dutch Fork ward, and the members seem to enjoy having us. They treat us differently, knowing that they will only have us for a short time, and we love it! They are very friendly and loving to us, but sarcastic and silly all at the same time. We have a great ward mission leader, and some awesome Sister missionaries to work with also. We really want to find another soul to enter the waters of baptism before we come home in a few weeks, and we aren't going to let our faith waver on that one. 
   Well, I will hopefully have more stories to tell next week! Love y'all!
-Elder Joel 'Sunshine' Barker!

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