Saturday, July 13, 2013

Athletic shoes -vs- Vibrams

Hi mommy, I can't respond to your email yet, because I haven't yet
read it. I'm not supposed to be emailing right now because my P-day is
on Friday. But, I had a gym day today, and they wouldn't let me do
anything because they don't allow Vibrams on the court for safety
reasons :( So, I was curious if you'd send me a good pair of athletic
shoes....please...I wan't to participate in the sports...okay, so, if
you want to get ahold of me before p-day, please write me a
hand-written letter. I check the mail everyday. Love you!
P.S., I think i'm a size 9 1/2 or a 10.
thanks momma! Love you! Talk to you soon!
-Elder Sunshine :)

Cyndi~ He can get packages and letters everyday but emails only on Friday. No packages are accepted at the MTC after 11am on Sat. He departs on the 22nd of July. By the time he leaves, we will be experts! :)
His physical address is on the right. Please remember to not update him on too many things at home, just help him look forward so he doesn't get homesick. Lots of encouragement! THANKS for supporting our Sunshine!!!!

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