Monday, January 13, 2014

Super missionary-minded!

Hello family! :)
I am having a wonderful time in my new area, which is Chapin, SC. Just over the river from my last area.
My new Comp is Elder Zach Speck! He is 24 and a very recent convert, so he has a very good knowledge of the Gospel and he is very mature too. I really like being his comp, because I feel like we are getting a lot done and having a lot of fun doing it too! :) He is probably the most polite man you'll ever meet in your entire life! I am learning a lot from him, and we get along really really well. :)
Chapin is so pretty too! I love it! I am out of the big city, just like I love, and I am in a place surrounded by trees and woodlands everywhere! We are right next to Lake Murray, so there is water everywhere. :)
 I really love it here, and the people are just so great! Everyone is super nice and all the members of the Chapin Branch are super missionary minded! :) I'm blessed to be in this area. The church is pretty far away, but we hitch a ride with the ZL's that live with us in the Chapin Trailer, and we ride home with members. We are a biking area only right now because we got sisters in our branch, and they took our car :P Haha sisters.

I have really grown in the last couple days, and my testimony has been strengthened a lot about many things. I am really starting to be able to put things behind me and give everything to Him and do my best. I love my mission so much, and I love being a missionary!

The sleigh and the birdhouse ornaments were made by my old ward mission-leader. :) He does a lot of wood working. Not as cool as Scott's, but still pretty cool. :P
An airplane book is a book that you have people write in before you leave an area, and you don't read it until you are on the airplane ride home in 2 years. :P Fun, huh?
I haven't gotten your letter yet, I will watch for it though.
I will find out about the Flu shot, today I am going to go have an eye doctor in our ward.
I don't need anything Momma. :) I am great.
I am blessed to have a family like I do, and I love y'all so much.
Please just pray for me.

New companion Elder Speck

Elder Barker and his Pappa Clow :)
All sun shiney :)

I miss Brother Clow, I love him to death :) 

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