Monday, January 6, 2014

Daisy was yummy...

This is what happened when I said goodbye to Wesley and Abbey
Hello family!
Well, to start off with, we got our transfer calls, and I am leaving Hopkins :/
I am very sad to leave this place. I have made so many good friends, met a lot of really cool people, and I am really going to miss it here. However, I am very excited for some new opportunities to go out and be a missionary in another place that the Lord has prepared for me! :)
Packing is stressful, I think I am going to buy some space bags at Walmart in order to make sure everything will fit well. I am almost completely done packing right now though, I did a lot last night, some this morning, and I will do some more today. I'll probably finish up, but we are going to be going fishing with the Cipriano's for my very last P-day here. Momma, that family knew us before this life. I love them.
My Christmas gift ROCKED! Daisy was yummy.. :) Haha I loved it! The Ciprianos filmed what happened when they told me, and they are going to upload it to your Facebook or something like that :) It was the best! I can't believe y'all slaughtered Daisy! How'd all that go? Who'd you go through to do it? What were the profits that came out of it, and how much meat did y'all get? Did George help? How did y'all decide that it was time?

I am so glad you got the pictures from Brother Abbot! I was sitting next to him in Priesthood, and he pulled out his iPad and started to show me all the pictures that he had taken while I have been here (His calling is ward photographer) Because they photograph so much here! Every member! Haha I love it, but he asked if I would like him to send any of them to anyone, so I said yes! I typed your email, and he chose his favorites and sent them! He is the best! I am really going to miss everyone here.
I almost started to cry when I gave my testimony and goodbye yesterday, and I actually did cry later, and this morning. I am running around like crazy finding as many members as I can and I am taking pictures with all of them and having them sign my airplane book. :)
I can't believe y'all are being foster parents for that dog! All for it, but we will have 11 when I get home! haha
New years is just like any other day on a mission, except we have to be in by 8pm to avoid being shot with roman candles and such :P But, we laid in bed and listened to Elder Maurer tell us a story from 10:30pm to 12:00am and stood up and yelled "Happy New Year" and then went to bed. Terrible idea, because we were all dead the next day :P
Sushi for New Year!
I know! I didn't even ask them to make Sushi! Elder Harris saw them while on exchanges, and asked them to do it because he liked sushi! He didn't even know it was a tradition! Haha I didn't even remember it was a tradition until she sent you a picture :P But, that's just me. :)
I finally sent those packages to you with the Christmas stuff. :) I sent them this morning, so they should be there this week.
Thank you so much for the packing list, it is a lot easier when you are on a mission, because you don't have to choose what you are going to take with you from all of your stuff like you do at home, you just take everything until your area is completely bare, and your suit-case is stuffed and ready to burst.
When Elder Sumner left Hopkins, he had me STAND and JUMP on his to get it to shut. :) I am trying to be precise with how I pack.
I have to go Momma, I love you so much! Talk to you in a week!

 Brother Abbott's pictures

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