Monday, February 23, 2015

Listen to the spirit and just work.

President and Sister Turner.

Hello Momma!
Everything is so good here! My flight was great! I sat next to some really nice people on both flights and had a great time. It was really hard at first, and was a pretty overwhelming day, but has just continued to get better and better as time goes on :)

I AM in Windsor Lake and I am with Elder Jeremy Olmstead, he's so great :) I am in the Cipriano's daughter Mary's, ward. So on my first day to church, she brought her sisters with her! I got to see them and their momma when she picked them up :) I'll send the pictures.
It has been so rainy lately, you wouldn't believe it :P  I thought I was just about over my cold until we got soaked while riding around last night, and I woke up so congested, but I am already feeling better :) I woke up worse than the day before, and now Elder O is sick too :( We are going to stockpile on Oranges today and get some Nyquil :) We are just having too much fun to let illness interrupt it! South Carolina is just as beautiful as I had remembered! When I got to the airport, it was so nice :) THE CLOWS' WERE THERE!!!!! It was so nice to see them, they gave me a hoodie that is being washed right now (The only reason I haven't worn it) And rice crispies, (that’s a Brother Clow thing) haha.
On the ride back, I couldn't believe how much of the scenery I could remember!! I knew where I was pretty much the whole time. We got to the mission home, and the Assistants got there with my bike, which was so nice to see :) One of the AP's, Elder Wright, came out with me, so it was awesome to see him.
They did away with the whole Jacket Season thing, so now in between conference we just have to wear a long-sleeved shirt. :) So you'll see us in sweaters a lot of the time. :)
I have been on exchanges in Windsor Lake before, so I am staying in an apartment that I've been in before, and I’m riding around and area that I've been to before :) I recognize a lot of the people! I am in an apartment with just Elder Olmstead and myself though, so that's a new thing for me, but I really enjoy it. We have a great time together! Our area is pretty nice; there are only a couple big hills. Hills are so hard sometimes after you've been riding for so long, it sort of turns your legs to jelly, especially because I haven't ridden in quite a while...haha
Funny story. On our first night here, we got the police called on us.. We had a less active member on our ward roster, so we went to go contact her and see if we could set up a time to meet her and her family. We went into the apartment complex, knocked the door a couple times, lights came on, went off, so we left a pass along card and left. We got maybe...30 feet from the door and she opened it, crumpled the picture of Jesus up and said "Don't you be knocking on this door like y'all live here (In an angry black woman way of saying that) And threw it on the ground and told us not to litter at her door and if we came back she would call the “Popo” hahaha. We left, marked her off, and went next door to some members, met them and stayed there for a little while. When we came out we were greeted by the sheriff and his deputy, who were actually very kind to us, told us that lady called them back-to-back six times while following us trying to give them a description. We told them what we were up to, they said we were fine and put us on our way. Haha it was great :P. The police in Windsor Lake are pretty familiar with missionaries and are pretty friendly to us.
Our first night went pretty well, we didn't have a lot of luck knocking, but I met a lot of the members, and we had a great lesson with one of our less-active members who is going through a divorce right now. He's a sweet man, but really needs the Gospel to be a bigger part of his life. It was so nice just to jump back into all of was extremely overwhelming at first, but paid off because I was willing to listen to the spirit and just work. I am being blessed so greatly with this.
I am so excited to see if I stay here, transfers are next week! We are both praying that I will, but we aren't sure. If I do, I will end up seeing people from Hopkins a whole lot!!! So that would be so cool :)
You need to know that I'm not having a hard time anymore, any time I start to, or it pops into my mind, the Lord blesses me, and that feeling goes away :) I love y'all! I promise I'll have more stories to tell you when I have been here more than 2 days!!!
My time is up and I have to go, I love you!
I'm so excited for the days to come! :)

My comp, Elder Olmstead, is so great and very good to me. :) He has been nothing but nice.
 He is from Gilbert AZ and has been out a couple days passed 6 months. He and I will probably come home the same time :P Weird, right?

The Wonderful Cipriano family.

Elder Olmstead is the best companion I could have been put with for my situation. He's so patient and understanding, and very fun. :) He and I get along great!

 Elder O's feet :P His shoes dyed his feet while we were riding in the rain :P

My bike is in great shape, I just had to pump up the tires, and it was good as new!
OH MY GOODNESS the headlight we got me is so bright!
Elder O. says he keeps thinking I am a car hahaha

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