Monday, March 2, 2015

So focused on the work.

Elder Barker with The Ciprianos'
The Ciprianos' have helped so much with the way I have felt the last week. They delivered your letter with my blessing in it at just the right time. I needed that so badly and I don't know how you knew that's what I needed, but it helped so greatly! I have been listening to the heed of my mission president and praying for the strength to focus all I can on the work and have been able to get out of feeling homesick all the time, which is so nice. It still hits me sometimes, but I am able to calm myself and get back to work fairly quick. 
I know it is His helping hand. :) I am so focused on the work Momma bear :)
I think it is so funny that you have already talked to Elder Olmstead's momma, 
I was telling him THIS MORNING that I would bet him money that you had already contacted her, and he was like, "Nah, I bet not" But I know you too well. :) 

No transfers for us, both of us are staying for now. YAY!

YES! I'm so excited for Sawyer! I wish that I could go to Roots High too! I'm so jealous! That will be so good for both of them, and I am excited to come help out when I'm home! Dr. C said I'll have a job ;) 

We ate dinner with Mary, (Ciprianos Daughter) and her husband Nick, and the whole Cipriano family were there! It was so cool! I got to give Charles his Pat McManus book! 

We have had some crazy weather, everything from frozen fog, rain turning to hail, snow, crazy rain, and random rivers/mists. We usually end up soaked one way or another :) But we are still having fun.  I am a biking missionary, and will be until I get transferred to a car area. Which is never a guarantee, but the zone leaders have a car, so we get rides to church, email, Walmart and stuff like that with them. The members drive us every once and a while.

Elder O and I are working really hard right now in our finding efforts, because we don't have a lot going on in this area right now. We have spent and planned a lot of our time knocking streets that he hasn't been on in the six months he's been here, and we've found some pretty cool people that we have return appointments to go see this week, and we are excited :) We were knocking a street and ran into two of the funniest women I have met, and they talked to us because one of them was working on her '84 Chevy Blazer, and I talked trucks with her for a minute. We talked to her and her friend for about 20 minutes, and they invited us back, so, pray for us and we will see where that takes us! Her name is A***** :)
I love being in Windsor lake, and since I didn't get transferred, I'll be here another month and a half at least! So you'll know where I am!
Thank you for caring about me so much, It's almost an overwhelming the feeling of love I get coming from the family, and specifically you momma, thank you. I have to go now, I love you so much!!
Love y'all!!!

Woke up the other day, and...snow.
And yes, Alec, that is our neighbors FRS

A little note from Sister Arrington :)

Super man and Batman's chariot :)
Elder Olmstead and I found a hand-cart kit in our apartment. 
So, we used my gorilla glue and built it over the course of the week.  

Papa Olmstead

Elder Barker and Cipriano's son, Preston. 

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