Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunshiny and Happy!

That bridge was huge! When you are on it, you could feel it moving! :P
Haha, it was so cool Momma!!

Okay, this has been a good, busy, frustrating, rewarding, and AWESOME week :) 

We had the coolest baptism! A was so ready, and there was such a big turnout to support her! 

We have a meeting Tuesday night with our branch president at his house, and her and her whole family will be coming. We are praying, so hard, that we can pick them up as investigators and help them come to the knowledge of the truth. :) Pray for the whole family! :) 

 Elder Olmstead baptized her, and I got to confirm her. The spirit was so strong during the entire meeting :) She is a blessing too, because she has family that are members but haven't been in a while, and they are starting to come back because of her! So happy for her family, God is the coolest. :) 
We woke up this morning to about 57 degree weather, which was awesome. It feels like Utah right now! I am hoping that I get to stay in the Upstate for winter so I can feel the cold and see the "Snow" Haha but transfers are on the 30th, and I have been here for 4 already. Pray that I stay!!!

I love the similitude of Dr C. and me with Doc & Marty McFly from "Back to the future"! It totally makes sense!!  I sent Dr. C. an email a couple weeks ago, and never heard back! Tell Sawyer to bug him about it for me, in the most "Me" way he can. Haha 

My meeting with President went awesome! I'll tell you about it in another email!

Elder Olmstead and I are doing great! We are both slightly sick, so we were grumpy yesterday. Half of Union seems to have this cold. Everyone says it is coming from the weather changing all of the sudden and getting cold, but I kinda figured I would be used to cold weather! :P We are having a lot of fun though. We had Zone Conference on Friday, and we did a musical number. It was minimal practice and thrown together at the last moment, so it didn't sound too great, but it was still way fun to do! 

Zone picture
Can you find Elder Barker? ;)

Because of Zone conference, the Assistants to President were going to be in our zone the day before, so they called us and asked if they could go on exchanges with us Thursday night. That was fun. Although a little nerve wracking because it was short notice and there isn't a whole lot going on in our area, but it ended up really great! Elder Droge went with me, and Elder Daynes went with Elder O, and we had a lot of success! 

This transfer is flying by, and I am hoping that I get to stay AT LEAST one more, and stay with Elder Olmstead, so pray that happens too! Haha 
Love y'all! Stay Sunshiny and Happy! :P

Supper with Pop‏!
The food was too Good! I forgot to take a picture though! I'll remember next week! ;) You can still see the homemade banana pudding!

Last week we enjoyed our P-day in Greenville with Elder Crapo and Elder Evans.
Downtown Greenville was so not what I expected, because it felt exactly like Seattle, but it got better as I found streams and park and trees :) 

This is Main St on a Saturday Night in Union ;) Love this place!

Another goofy video from the Elders ;)

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