Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lovin' life and workin' hard

Hey everyone!
So, this week was a little slower when it comes to lessons, but it is okay because we worked so hard, taught a couple really really cool lessons, and got rained on hardcore! It has been pretty cold and wet the last couple of days, but I have been enjoying it over the hot and sweaty alternative that will be here in a short month or two. 
We did some service for a lady a while back before Elder Wilbert left, and it was a great time. We raked up a huge yard packed with leaves and threw them into a burn pile. She came to church that week, but we weren't ever able to follow up with them until this last week. We biked for about 30 minutes to get up there, but it was worth it. Her and her son let us come in. We figured we would teach her and were slightly leery of getting some negative responses from her son. I guess that was the natural man in me, because it was an amazing lesson. We taught the restoration, and it went so well. They had a lot of questions, and received everything we taught so well. My favorite part of the lesson though, came right before teaching about the Book of Mormon. We had just finished talking about the restoration of the Priesthood, and before we got a chance to start talking about Christ visiting the Americas, her son cut us off, and told us about his heritage is Sioux Indian, and he has done a lot of research about them. He then said "y'all might think I'm crazy, but I believe that after Jesus rose on the third day, he went to America and taught the Native Americans. What do y'all think about that?" 
We were pretty stunned, hah. We pulled out a Book of Mormon, and all I could really think to say, went something like "Yes. You're right!" Haha we opened to 3rd Nephi 11 when Christ visits the Americas and teaches the people. We committed him to read it, and he was very interested in it. We will be going back this Saturday to Follow-up with them. So stoked! Such a great lesson! It was raining pretty hard by this point, and it was dark. We had a busy day planned, and we were far enough away that we decided to work through dinner. We stopped by a member’s home on the way back, and asked if we might could put our bikes in their truck and get a ride home. They brought us in and made us each make a sandwich and warm up before they would take us home. We were grateful for that! ;) Members are so great. 

We got soaking wet the night after, and I ended up with a cold that I am still trying to shake off. The new elders in our ward are great! We have enjoyed them a lot already. They got right to work and hit it off with the ward very quickly. 
Today, we are in Mt. Pleasant again to hang with Elder Jacobson and Bates for p-day. We will probably end up doing something super fun, like always.
Our plans are to go to this place called Tangier Outlet, and I guess it is huge and a lot of missionaries want to go there, so I am excited to have the opportunity. 
I am doing awesome, and I hope y'all are too! 
My theme for this week is from the quote you sent me momma:
"If being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now." For any of y'all having issues with this, let it go.  Move on from it, take the right action, get on your knees and ask God to help you forgive yourself and then enjoy the peaceful feeling you get from feeling the love from a perfect, endless Heavenly Father. 
Love y'all!
-Elder Joel "Sunshine" Barker

Photos from last week's P-day adventure

Elder Connolly got a very special care package from home.
He is so happy! 

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