Monday, December 23, 2013

Fire-in-the-belly Missionary!

Hello Momma! :)
It's me. Elder Sunshine. :)
I am having a pretty good day so far. Hahaha I am so happy that y'all are going to be lazy. :) We have a pretty lazy day ahead of us as well (Work wise) After we email, Elder Farnsworth is going to go with Elder Harris to a doctors appointment, because the other wards bishop wants to face the Columbia Elders at Racquetball, and  Elder Farnsworth doesn't really like it. So I am going to step in his stead. :) I am so excited.
I have about a 4 page letter that I am going to send to you, I just can never seem to finish it. :/ I never feel like I have said enough, and by the time I pick it up again, there is a ton to tell you! :P Isn't my life hard? haha ;)
Last night, Elder Harris and I just wanted to work, so we spent a good portion of our day knocking on doors. NO ONE ANSWERED. Haha people go to church like all day in the south! It's crazy! But it is nice because they are really receptive to the Bible, and the ones that are really being prepared for us, hear that there is a whole-nother book all about their Savior, and they get excited! :) I think one of the hardest things and the thing that we have to explain the most, is that the Book of Mormon is NOT our Bible. We have to explain to so many people that we read the KJV of the Bible just like everyone else, but you can't get the fullness of the book without the Book of Mormon's testimony. :) But I love explaining it! Back home, I'd get tired of saying the same thing over and over again, but out here when you start to explain, the spirit takes over and starts to explain for you. :) It's so amazing! And it is amazing how obvious it gets when you find someone who has been prepared to receive the Gospel. :)
God has definitely blessed my companionship for being obedient. :) And I am happier and have a big desire to go and work! I never really understood what everyone meant when they would say "Fire-in-the-belly missionaries" And now I do. When you really give everything up, and get out of the way of the work, God uses you in such a miraculous way! :) I love being a missionary!
I talked to Sister Clow on the phone just a minute ago, and she was telling me that you talked to her about my packages. She is hoping they'll get there today, and I have my fingers crossed. I promise I won't open them until Christmas morning. All except my jammies. ;) So, did you get me an ornament for this year? What is it? I am so excited to Skype in 2 days! It is unreal! I can't believe it is already Christmas! It was like yesterday that I was in the Airport and you told me, we love you, talk to you on Christmas! And you made me cry! Well, time flew by, and now it's that time. :) Haha we are going to be Skyping over at the Fengers home. They are so nice you wouldn't believe it. You really need to come here when I leave this area and y'all are in Savannah Georgia! You can stay with the Clows' while you are here. :) Or the Fengers'. :) Or any of the members that I love! :) I am so going to cry when I leave this area...Skyping on Christmas is going to be just that. :) you know me. I don't think about things like that until they actually happen, then I get the full effect. I am excited to see my loving family. :) And I am excited to show all of them that I am still Sunshine. I haven't changed. and I want to show Sawyer that I am still his "big brober". :)

Yes, my boots arrived. I wore them the other day when we crashed the ca.......ummmm...:D
Hahaha No big deal. Didn't CRASH per say. Elder Harris was driving and was pulling out of a driveway, cut it sharp in order to not bottom out, and didn't see a little brick retaining wall, and ran the side of the car into it. The only damage was to the back tire (I had to change it :) ) and he scratched it a bit and pulled some of the trim off. but we weren't even going 7 miles an hour. no one is hurt. Just his luck. :P

This week we are doing a lot a lot of biking. :) I am loving it. Even days that the car is ours, we will drive into our area, park and bike the day. :) I love the exercise. I love the freedom too! And my will is becoming very similar to His, so things that pop into my head that I want to do, are now okay to do, because they are ordained of God! :) I love it! I get up in the morning and pray that I won't lose this feeling of love that I have for the work right now. :) I just want to wake up, and knock on doors until the day is over. :)
I love you Momma!

This is us playing 'Don't break the ice' at a family home evening. :) It was my white elephant gift to give. :)

And this is what missionaries do when the video we watch is sideways. :)

I love changing tires. :)

Cyndi~ So, let's take inventory here. 
In 5 1/2 months he's had.... 
One eye Dr visit, one ankle injury, three bike wrecks, one car wreck, an ER visit, a dog I missing any? Oh yes, a jammed thumb and lacerated forehead, and a partridge in a pear tree..... 
And, of course, these are only the ones he has told us about!

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