Monday, December 2, 2013

It's all fun & games till the Bishop dislocates his shoulder...

Okay, so I haven't gotten a package yet, I think this transfer messed everything up, because none of us have gotten any mail in over a week. With it being a holiday, and having transfers a day early, I think everything is just all out of whack. I should be getting mail today though, so I will be watching for it. :) You can always send mail to the Clows and I will get it faster. Even if it is a letter. :) I am writing you back about the letter you wrote me when you sent my sweater. :) I hope I'll finish it today, I will do my best. I just get so carried away when I start writing! :) I hope y'all can read my handwriting!
I have been able to email Elder Sherwood, Elder Whitehead, and Elder Hardman! The first two were in my MTC zone, they are both in Uganda right now :) And the last one is Little John from camp! :D Haha I am loving it! I am excited to get your letter!
See, this is what happens when I start to write an email before I read what you've said. You answer my questions before I ask them :P
The picture you and Sawyer got came from Sister Bonni Crossen They have had us over a lot lately and we are gaining a lot of trust from all the members. :) The Crossens live in Southern Utah, but they are down here for his work. This next year they should be moving to Vegas. :)  I love them!
Thanksgiving was weird :P We had planned to go see about 4 families, and eat a little with each of them, but we ended up being a little behind on time because the new sister came into the area, and she had no clue what was going on, so she changed all the plans and stood-up 2 families. They just didn't show up, so after our dinner, we went to one of them and ended up eating there too. So that was 2 Thanksgivings.
Our first one was with the Crossens, and we ate SO MUCH!! haha then we went to the Fengers and they fed us, Then we went to the Clows' and hung out there for a little while. :) I am going to try to have Sister Clow send you her recipe for corn-bread stuffing/dressing! SO GOOD! Hahaha.
We started off Thanksgiving, However, with our wards Turkey bowl, but because we have virtually no youth, it was us 4 elders, and the bishop and his son, but we had tons of fun!..until Bishop fell and dislocated his shoulder :) Haha he's a trooper. But we spent Thanksgiving with a bunch of amazing families. :) I never want to leave this area! I love it too much! haha :) I'm so happy!
I thought it was ironic that I wanted to go somewhere cold, and this is supposed to be the coldest winter they have had in a while! haha My luck, right? ;)
I love it! People let us in when it's cold! :)
I was curious if you COULD send me a couple of things...I would love to have boots out here...service projects are a lot easier in the cold or mud with boots. :) I miss them.
Also, if you or Sawyer find any country Christmas music, I would appreciate that! I bought a Muppets and John Denver Christmas and we have been listening to them for a while. :) Or Relient K? I know they have some good Christmas. I'm sure Sawyer wouldn't mind putting something together, :)
I love you Momma! Have I ever told you you're a good Momma?!

Proof that it gets cold in SC! haha

Thanksgiving :)

 This is the Fengers who fed us, they are wonderful people!

Sister Clow loves to send y'all pictures :) and I love asking her to take them! We had fun helping them remodel, and we get to go over to help paint soon too! :) That was the first day we had to bike in a while because we have had the car, but now that E. Farnsworth is here, we have it every other day. :) 
I am actually doing a lot better on warmth now! I have my thermal G's, earmuffs, a hat, gloves, and sweaters and scarves! :) I just have to buy an ugly Christmas sweater now! ;) 

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