Monday, December 30, 2013

So saith Sunshine.

Jammies! :)
How are you? I loved seeing y'all on Skype! It was so weird to see the family again!!
While you are out on a mission, it is almost like nothing else is real, and when I think back on it, it seems like I never left. Also, I swear to you that that was the shortest 2 hours of my life! It felt like I logged on and got right back off. :P I loved talking to y'all though. I'm so glad that you could see a difference in me. It is nice to hear every once and a while, because while you are out here, you change so much, and for the better too, but Satan does his best to make it seem like you are the same and that you aren't going anywhere or doing anything. I loved hearing that from Alec especially...It just about brought me to tears to hear him say that I sounded much older...and smarter. How is he doing?
I am really enjoying being obedient, I am definitely seeing the blessings that come from it. Not just with the people that I am around, but with myself a lot. I am really able to teach more clearly and I am happier. I am enjoying things so much more now, and I am having a lot of fun. Towards the beginning of my mission, it was a lot harder to get along with other missionaries because I was so young and not as 'mature' and I ended up annoying a lot of people. I can really see the way the Lord has been able to make me more 'mature' while striving to be obedient. :) I have also been able to see how immature a 21 year old can be. ;) Haha but it is all good fun.
I am OH MY GOSH!!!! LINCOLN IS COMING INTO MY MISSION!!!!!! WHAT????!??!?! HaHAHAHAHA that is so cool! I read ahead a little bit and had a freakout!! I can't wait! I so want to be his trainer!!! I might ask president if I can train him. :) That is so crazy! I love that kid so much! I can't believe that he's coming here! I am so excited! Now, send me Sawyer. :)
It's so true what you said about the femininity driving down in the world. I can't remember who it was, but there was a really good talk given on that this last conference, and I think it touched a lot of young Women. :)
This is the talk.
Where do the Medlins' live Momma? Did she find that out? Because I am probably going to get transferred soon, and I could get put in their area. :)
Tell Savannah that I say that she isn't allowed to go into Y/W's and that she isn't allowed to wear makeup until she is 16 and she isn't ever allowed to turn 16. :) So saith Sunshine.
I am so hoping that they will call me as  a ward missionary or somewhere in the primary when I come home. I would just love to help the missionaries as much as I could, and help the future missionaries while they are growing up. :) Hahah I love that your class figured out about the heater vents! I remember doing that as a kid! And I loved to put the side of my face on the ones at the church because they were cold when it was summertime! And I could hear the other teachers! I swear, Canyon is going to grow up to be such a great missionary. :) So many of the kids in your class are! Ammon is going to be President too. :) I'll vote for him.
Haha if you think those kids have it hard, try going to the MTC! Where you have a bunch of teenagers who have just turned an age where they have freedom and they can do what they want, then, deprive them of sleep, put them in monkey suits, and make them sit in a quiet classroom where they can't move around! Hahah It was TERRIBLE!!! Just kidding, but not really. I loved and hated it. :P
I will find out about a flu shot, I have to call the mission nurse anyway, I have had a small stye for about 4 weeks now :/ I have been doing the hot compresses also, and it hasn't been helping at all.
The Clows' are out of town, and I don't know when they are planning on being back, so if you are going to send anything, please send it priority to the mission office. That would probably be the easiest, then, if I don't get it before I transfer, I will get it as transfers. :)
I loved Christmas Momma, talking to you guys made it great. I could've done the whole thing without getting a single gift and I would've been just fine! :) Thank you so much for supporting me! I loved all the gifts, especially the jaw harp! I am enjoying that a lot! haha And the sweater vests are the BEST! I have always wanted one! :) I loved my gifts! haha they are all so great! And I wrote Grandma about the one grandpa sent! I loved it! I am going to send a picture of me wearing it soon! :) And I loved the Cow ties! haha so cool!! :P

The Homeless man, M***, is doing okay, he fell off for a while, but we picked him back up last night, I really don't know what to tell you about him. He is confusing me right now, and I need to figure out what happened to him. just keep praying for him. :)
We have been doing a lot of knocking lately, and I have really been enjoying it! Which is weird, because, up until very recently, I have hated knocking, but now I love it! we have met a bunch of really cool people, and we have some good appointments set up to where we can get a member to come out with us to teach them!

Also, when you come to Georgia, come see me, okay? But seriously..lets go to lunch or something. ;)
I love you so much Momma!
-Elder Odie, Sunshine, Barker. :)

Christmas DDM (District Development meeting)

Elder Maurer wore this the whole time, and shook it slightly every time he talked.
It was so hard not to laugh!


This was my Christmas dinner BTW ;)
Prime rib and twice baked potato! :D
~Thank you Bro & Sis Crossen!~

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