Monday, July 13, 2015

We plant the seed, and just let God take over.

Hi Momma! 

I am glad y'all liked the turtle! He stayed with me for a little bit to make sure he wouldn't die, and he loves Cheerios. :) I am so happy he got there safely! Was the box in okay shape? I did my best to package him safely!!

I hope Sawyer tells me all FFA COLT training. I miss that kid to the moon and back. I am so excited to be able to see him again! I'm sure he had a blast. He only acts like he doesn't like people; he killed it at scout camp! He does better than Alec and I combined did! ;) I'm so proud of him!

I will be praying for Savannah, I know she'll do just great. :) She always does! I was so blown away by her singing! It was amazing!! :) She'll do so well!
Time is flying by like crazy.

Okay, this week has been fun being a missionary! We have been trying to meet all the less active members, but haven't been able to catch a lot of them at home, but we will keep trying! We talked with a bunch of former investigators that haven't talked to the missionaries in a while, and there are a lot of good leads that we have found, and have appointments to come back this week! I am excited.
 We met a man named D*****, and he is very familiar with the missionaries, but hadn't been visited in 5-6 months. Well, we talked to him for a while on his front porch, all three of us just dripping with sweat, it has been so hot. He asks us "either of you hit 20 yet?" And Elder G. points at me, and I say "I have" And he goes "Guess what, you're an old fart now!" Hah! I was just like Gee thanks :P It was funny. We are going back to teach him and his family the lessons again, and we hope to get them on date to be baptized. 
We did a lot of knocking this last week, and didn't have too much success, but we did get a lot of funny rejections! We had an old guy come to the door while we were talking to his 30-40 year old son, and he ripped the pass-along card of Christ out of his hand, threw it at us, and pulled his son in the house. We walked away as he was telling his son not to talk to us or ever take anything from us. We kind of laughed because some people get really crazy about not liking missionaries. I don't really understand it, but hey,We plant the seed, and just let God take over. 

I am thoroughly anti-squirrel, and really wish I had my pellet gun. 
Every single tomato my plants have grown, has been stolen by the little critters, and they have begun breaking the branches off, and eating the inside of the plant. Grrrr...
I worked hard for those plants! 
It's okay though, If they die, I'm just going to dig 'em up and plant a bunch of flowers. 
My Carolina Reaper is doing awesome! I have 2 little peppers growing, finally! And I hope that the animals have enough common sense not to eat the hottest pepper in the world. :P 
Anyway. Good week :) 
Baptism coming up! 
Love Y'all! 
-Elder Sunshine Barker!

I love this man, he takes such good care of us!

I finally got to do real service on a car!

             Sweet Southern Peaches

Strawberry fields

 I decorated my planner.

Do you like it?

The turtle did arrive safe and sound and was swiftly named Elder Cecil. He has been called to serve in the West Valley City, Barker mission and it is anticipated that he will serve for a period of 30 years........

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