Monday, July 6, 2015


This is Elder Barker not getting to swim :(
Chigger bites suck, but they are livable. They itch a lot, and you are almost guaranteed to get them when you are walking through any type of grass, but especially through pine needles, er, sorry. Pine straw ;) 

I am so glad that y'all had fun in Fremont! I am way jealous, but I know it will be there when I get back, and nothing down there ever changes, except maybe a dirt road or two. :) 
Thank you for the pictures of my truck and Grandpa looks like he is doing so good! I haven't ever seen him lift that arm that high! That makes my heart happy. Has he already had both surgeries? I think about that man so often it would surprise you. :) I get to do plugs and wires on a Bronco tomorrow, and I am way excited! I think he would like to know that!

This has been a really fun week. :) We are doing a lot of finding, and helping some of the less active families come back to church. We average about 40 people at church every week, and we have so many more families that just don't come, so we have a lot of work to do. It is just really hard to catch these people at home! You'd think it would be easier being in a small town, but sometimes you have a better chance finding them at Walmart rather than their home! which we usually do.

As of now, we have 3 investigators on date to be baptized, but only 1 has been coming to church, so I think we need to focus more on the importance of coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. 

We had a good Fourth! You know me, I don't like fireworks too much, but we got to have dinner with the S family, and played some horseshoes before :) We had to be in by 9 like any normal night, but we got to watch them light of fireworks and have a good time :) Their 4 year old daughter ran and hid behind me because she was scared, and I got to sit down on the ground with her and show her that she didn't need to be afraid. We had fun trying to guess when the BOOM would happen, and we got her giggling instead of crying. :) We had transfer calls on Saturday night. My buddy, Elder Dillree, will be leaving on Wednesday to a new area, and I will miss him a lot. All of the people I came out with go home this week, and we will be getting a new AP. I am still in Union, and I am still training. :) all is well! 


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