Monday, July 27, 2015

Do you know the Onion Man?

Hahaha Yes, I know the onion man! 
Who lives in Union County? ;) 

That was such a blast! I wish you could see Gonzales in that picture too though. He was just off to the side, but it just looks like I am in a room full of Women by myself. :P I hope it doesn't get me in any trouble! Haha it'll be fine :) The benefit was so great!! Unlike in a huge city like West Valley, everyone in Union came. Literally the entire time we were there, people didn't stop coming through the doors! It was so great, and they did so much good for that family. :) 
We are excited because we did meet a whole lot of people, and got to talk with so many about what we. I love it.

I was thinking the other day about all the missions in the world. How many missionaries do you think will want to go back and visit their missions? I think it really depends on the people in the mission, and your own personal outlook. :) The Southern people are so easy to love, because what is theirs is yours. You are their family. You always feel so at home. The Southern people are some of the weirdest, quirkiest, funniest people I have ever been around, but they are without a doubt the best, nicest, and sincere people. :) I love it, and I will be coming back here after I go home. :) We are helping a man from Boston move back to Boston on Tuesday morning, and he was talking about how he had been able to sit down with missionaries multiple times since he has been in Union. He's the nicest guy, and would honestly give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I told him how I have a friend serving her mission in Boston, and he asked if I wanted to see her, and told me that he would pack me up and just take me with him. Haha He's so funny. I wish he wasn't moving so that way we could get to talk with him more. We'll let the missionaries up there take care of him :) 

Our lessons with the RM are so great :) He was a great missionary and you can tell that he was obedient. He helps give me a refresher course on the rules and how I can be a better missionary, and it is so good to have him with us, because he is like a third companion that wants to work hard. :) We love the kid! 
Transfers are on August 18th, and we have Interviews with President Turner on August 7th. 
Things are going just fine! 
Love y'all!

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