Monday, August 5, 2013

Adventures in haircutting...

Hello Family!
Everything is going great! I am falling more and more in love with this mission the longer I am here! Five days and it will be one month down! These two years are going to fly by! No doubt!

I almost forgot that this is the last camp week for them! How is camp going?? Tell SS that he needs to write me a super descriptive letter about what's been going on this summer up there. I really do miss the mountains!

I have been getting your letters, and I am loving each and every one of them! But I think when I write one, I send it off, and get one like the next day. So I think we have like a two letter chain going on :P  Send me lots of letters though! I just got one from Savannah Saturday and Alec and you and dad Friday. I have been getting some from aunt Dawn, and Teya too! I love hearing from everyone! I have been told I'm not allowed to give my direct address. That's a big no no out here. Idk why, but they've included that in like every meeting and conference call we've been a part of.

This week has been pretty good, our whole apartment got sick three or four days ago, and so we've kind been laying low and staying home since then, but that has pretty much blown over enough to where we were able to go visit some families yesterday :)

The ward I am in, there is probably 30 people in sacrament meeting. We have very little members in our area. The other elders have a ton! But everyone is very nice to us :) Southern hospitality is something I will miss after the best two years! The people are just so great, they love having us over, and they love teasing us about being from Utah. Most of the elders are from Utah haha. My comp is from Provo, Elder Welty is from Layton, a couple from Cache Valley and some from Cedar City.
Two wards meet in our bldg. We go to our meetings and then we head back to the apartment to study for a couple of hours, then we eat and go out proselyting ( or proselytizing as Elder Sumner says)
My Training lasts 12 weeks :P We have a book called "Your first 12 weeks" So I'll be with him for 2 transfers. Hahaha :)  Missionary work is amazing! I love it! I'm learning so much from Elder Sumner and he says I'm doing really well. I am starting to take the lead in most of the lessons, so that's good. I was nervous at first, because I didn't think I knew enough to teach a full lesson, but personal study and studying preach my gospel has helped me with that immensely!
The last package I ties? I think. Yeah, And I got Savannah's letter about mill hollow, Please tell her that I loved it :)

Sawyer said he was going to send me some music, and I wrote him a letter about what I can listen to. Piano guys are very sought after here, but we only have like half of a cd on his mp3 player, so send those. and basically anything that doesn't take my mind away from the spirit is the guideline. :) Also, I left all my frisbee golf discs at home, you tell Sawyer and Kenny that they had better get used while I'm gone!

Elder Sumner is very good to me, we get along really well. He says I'm a pretty good trainee too :P Apartment life is good, just like a bigger tent at camp :P only with A/C :)
Also, this apartment doesn't do the barber shop. Just clippers. Soooo... this is my first haircut!

It was going great, then.....

I found out how crucial it is that when you think you have a size 5
clipper comb...double check...because a 2 sometimes looks like a 5....

Yeah, it wasn't that bad :P Also it made the whole apartment laugh
reeeaaallly hard. Apparently, they've all been there. haha
It's already almost back :P My hair grows fast. A very humbling experience though ;)
Hair grows back, and I'm not trying to impress anyone.

Elder Barker and Elder Sumner. 

Cyndi~ Joel has ALWAYS wanted to cut his own hair. I asked him why they don't go to a barbershop, his answer-"Because that wastes P-day time!" -Elder Sumner :P

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