Monday, August 12, 2013

One month Y'all!

Hi Y'all
It is so nice to hear all about how everything is back home :) It is weird to think that it has already been just over a month since I entered the MTC! The time is flying by! Thank you for updating me on how Sawyer is; I have missed him so much that I don't even believe it! Can you send him to me? I think they make boxes that big..? :) Hahaha

I am great Momma. :) I don't have to be someone else here. I can be myself. I feel the spirit the strongest when I am being myself. :)

Who is Savannah's teacher? It's kinda funny, because Elder Sumner and I just taught our most Golden investigator about the signs of the second coming just the other day! :P We are baptizing her on the 24th, Elder Sumner is doing the baptism and I am confirming her that Sunday :) I am so excited for her! 

Yes I got the cookbook and the digital frame  :) It is in my bag and I am going to take it shopping so I can eat some real food :P Tell grandma & grandpa thank you for me and that I love them :) The frame is fantastic! I don't think I’ve made it through all the pictures yet though! I love it! There are so many stories to tell behind them as well! Keep sending more so I can update it when there are more for you to send. And maybe send a USB drive too..? That's nice to have out here.

It rained super hard for two days, but my shoes did just fine. :) Elder Sumner loved the tie y'all sent for him. haha he wore it the next day :) He gave me this hideous tie that he called a "Rain tie". Apparently, all missionaries have a tie that it just ugly that they wear when it rains. For fun and so it won't matter if it gets ruined. :P

Alec got a Wiener dog!!!!! I am so jealous!! I've always wanted one! You have to send me a picture! Tell the family that I love them all! And that I miss everyone!

We have been having a lot of luck this week! We went knocking and met a couple new people, J*** is a strict Southern Baptist, but he was interested in the things we were saying, and how similar our beliefs were, so we placed a Book of Mormon and he asked us to come back in two weeks so we could teach him! We also met a young man named D*****. He was really cool. He is Baptist as well, but he had a lot of questions about what we believed, and when we sat down to meet with him, he had more questions than we thought. But the spirit was so strong with us, and every answer came straight to us. :) It was amazing! Being the mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit is something everyone should desire! Truly unforgettable. And it happens all the time. As well as spiritual promptings, you'll see someone on the street, and it'll be like you were just hit by a truck! GO TALK TO THEM! And you'd better listen, because there is a reason we need to talk to that person, right then, right there. :) It doesn't always turn out that they want to talk to us, but we give them a passalong card, tell them a little about us and about, and they go on their way. The rest is Gods hand.

We just help open that door so the spirit can guide that person. :)

When Sawyer gets home and Savannah wakes up, and whenever Alec is there. Hug them all for me and let them all know how much I love them and miss them!

Keep praying for me!!! :)
Love Y'all!!!
Elder Sunshine! :)

Four generation photo!
From left to right.
Elder Cardon, Elder Welty, Elder Sumner, Me. 


  1. Hey, I just ran onto this on the internet!! I am Elder Welty's mom. I hope he was good to you!! :) What a great bunch of young men!! Tresa

  2. I'm so glad you found it! Your son is wonderful and it sounds as if they all had a great time and got along well. I feel so blessed that they were all so kind to our son while he was a "greenie" he really loves them all! :)