Monday, August 19, 2013

Rain, Bed bugs, and Buddy the injured Wiener dog.‏

Hello Momma! And everyone!
This week has been full of adventure and craziness!!
Yes, My Greenie package got here at the same time as the rest of them! I loved the packages! They made me laugh! A lot of the stuff Y'all sent is very useful though! The little containers are the perfect size for a Book Of Mormon when it is raining. :) So I enjoy that, as well as all the little munchies and stuff! It has been unbelievably rainy lately, so no surprise that the box got ruined! But only one of the notepads had water damage! Everything else was completely fine.

Two days ago, it rained so hard! And it was actually cold. It was very weird to have it be chilly here. But Elder Sumner and I had an Appointment with one of our newest investigators, and we weren't about to cancel. So we got our rain gear, and biked the 4 miles to his house! It was awesome! I loved it! Haha The rain felt so good! It was a little annoying at first, but once everything was wet, it was just funny. I couldn't stop smiling!

The frogs are everywhere!!! I have no idea what kind they are, because there are so many different kinds! But they are everywhere! I am afraid to walk in the grass if it is even a little wet, because I know that I will step on some! Send me a good jar and I will catch a few and get them to you ;)

 I slept in a bedbug infested bed on transfers, and I got eaten! I had to wash and dry all of my everything when I got back! :P My apartment treated me like I had the plague for a while :P Hahaha but it is all taken care of now!

Missionary work has been great! We have picked up a couple new investigators that we are just stoked to teach, and everything is going really well! It seems like everything is finally settling into place. Like It has always been this way. It just feels right. :) I love being a missionary! I love teaching! I am amazed at how well the lessons just flow out of me. The spirit is so strong, and I don't even realize that I am speaking half the time. It is just there. The Lord truly uses us as instruments to teach his word.

Okay, here's a story that it totally me.
So, this week Elder Sumner and I were driving down the road, and I saw a little wiener dog walking down the road, and it looked hurt. So I had Elder Sumner turn around so I could check on it. It was limping really bad and not walking on one of its legs at all. I ended up having to chase it a couple hundred yards and corner it. It turned around and started growling, but then immediately stopped and walked up to me. It was amazing. God calmed him down. He was pretty hurt though. He looked like he had been run over. He had a large open wound on his knee and he leg was sideways. I was pretty sure it was a compound fracture. He was bleeding pretty bad too. I picked him up and carried him over to Elder Sumner, we checked his tags for a name and address, but there wasn't one. There were some vaccination tags, so we called the number on there, gave the lady the I.D. number, and she told us his name was Buddy. She told us she would have to get a hold of his owners and get back to us, because they can't give out info. I think that's dumb. Haha so we took Buddy back to the car, where I got him to drink some water and calm down, and we sat in the car and
waited for a phone call. For about an hour and a half we were getting calls asking specifics on what he looked like and where he was injured. We finally were told that UP THE STREET was where the owner had just been at a vet clinic looking for her dog, so we were told to meet here there. By this time, my shirt had soaked up most of his blood, but I didn't care in the least bit. :P We went to the clinic and waited a little bit and the lady and her son showed up. She was absolutely Hysterical. She started crying, sat down, and wouldn't talk. I just sat there and held Buddy, who was wagging his tail uncontrollably. We finally calmed her down and let her hold him. Her 6 year old son was so cute about it. He walked in and yelled "BUDDY!"
And then sat on the floor and told us a story about how Buddy got out on their way to school. I washed the blood off my arms in the back of the clinic and talked to Buddy's owner for a little while, then we left. We were late for a dinner apt, so we had no time to go back to the apartment to change, so we went to the restaurant, me covered in blood, and met the man there. I ate dinner, with my backpack covering my side, and a napkin hanging out of my pocket.
It was the best day ever. :)
I miss Buddy! Here are some pictures:

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