Monday, August 26, 2013

Baptism, spiders, and snakes.....Oh MY!

It was so nice to read your E-mail! I love hearing about how Sawyer is! Tell him he needs to email me ASAP! I really want to know what is going on with him, the names of the people he has met, and how he is liking school!! Goodness, it sounds like everything is falling right into place! All I had to do was leave! ;) haha
Your Job sounds amazing mom! If you get the chance, tell Bobby that I love him! I am jealous! That sounds like a job I would love to have! I kinda wish I got to do that! That's exactly where you need to be. :)

Jealous! I want to play with snakes! I haven't seen a single snake while I have been here! Only oodles of frogs and lizards everywhere! And some of the most insane bugs I have ever seen! So, A couple weeks before I got here, Elder Sumner and the other elders were driving home, and they saw a snake, they stopped and went to look at it, and it was a Cottonmouth! A really Poisonous snake! So they killed it and took it away from the neighborhood, but now, I am really hoping that I see something like that! Or an alligator! Haha I'll send home a baby whatever I find. :)

This Saturday, we had our baptism for our investigator, M******, And it was amazing! Her Mother drove all the way from Virginia to come see her get Baptized. Unfortunately, her Father didn't want anything to do with it, and her momma didn't want to hear what we had to say, but she was really nice and took lots of pictures! And she talked to Elder Sumner and I for a little bit too! M****** couldn't stop smiling the whole time, and she said she was so excited to take the sacrament for the first time!
Also! She had a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon before she was baptized, and she crushed it! She had it finished by Friday morning! She is so great! I think she knows more about this religion than I do! I won't be surprised if she ends up like relief society president and is giving talks in general conference! :P She was then Confirmed (by me) yesterday on Sunday, and it was great. I was pretty nervous, but the Lord took care of that for me. :) I got to "By the authority of the holy Melchezedek Preisthood" And the microphone stopped working. So it was great. :) It was my first time ever confirming someone, and I felt the spirit so strong it was overwhelming. The whole rest of that day was just amazing! at the end of that Sunday, we went over to check our meal calendar, and M****** practically bounced with excitement over to us to tell us that she signed up for two of the days, that night, and next Monday (Elder Sumners B-day! September 2nd) So I am going to be buying him a present today, I will watch the price though, I promise.

John Glissmeyers wife was visiting her sister, Sister Wisnet (I dont know if I spelled it right) But she was only here for like a week or two.

My X-ray, I finally have an appointment, tomorrow at 9:30 am. I am crossing my fingers!

We weren't able to talk to the Lady with the dog at the clinic because she was so hysterical, but we left her with our number, and we are praying!

M****** and E. Sumner and me

This is the C*** family. they are the best! They are like her adopted
parents! haha Brother C*** is a goofball too! Tell Sawyer he drives us
around all the time if we don't have the car. and this is what we drive in...

CTS Baby! And he is going to trade it in and get a CTSV

 These are our sisters (with Sister B***** at the top middle)

We caught a banana spider....theses things are everywhere! This was
the biggest one they have ever seen in the mission!

  I caught it with my face!

One of the days I wasn't allowed to do anything because of my ankle...
I'm talented when I'm bored! :P

Elder Gundersen & me.

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