Monday, October 14, 2013

Peanut farm

Morning Momma! :)
This week has been pretty interesting! We got our transfer calls Saturday night and I am losing Elder Sumner to another Area :(   I am sad. But, He is going to do great and I am excited to get a new companion! We have somewhat been on fire this last week, we have 5 people on date to be baptized! :)
I sent 2 letters home at the beginning of last week, One for Sawyer and one for Savannah, have they not gotten them yet?
We have been having a blast lately! We went on exchanged with the Zone Leaders very randomly Friday morning to Saturday. We did a ton of service over at a less active member's home and did a huge overhaul on his yard, front and back. :P His neighbor came over to see what we were doing, and he talked to us for quite a bit. He was a quirky old guy named Jerry (Sound familiar?) He told us that we could dump all of the yard debris in his back pasture for compost. He has 200+ acres of peanut farm! He told us to go pick a plant to see how ripe they were for him. Elder Taylor and I walked back and we were both pretty confused, because there were no peanuts on the little bushes. He yelled from his back porch " Pluck one up and bring it here!" So I grabbed one, pulled it out of the ground and, guess what?
Peanuts grow underground!
Hahaha I had never known that and I didn't shut up about that for the rest of the day!
Jerry thought it was hilarious that I didn't know that and he had us crack a couple open and eat them. They were delicious! He told us that we could come back any time we wanted and go through his back yard to pick some. He then had us fill a black garbage bag full of them and he sent it with us. I have been eating peanuts since then :P I am thinking about attempting to boil them like everyone here talks about. :P It was so cool! You'll have to ask Uncle Jerry if he has ever grown peanuts. :P
Elder Sumner and I spent a lot of time knocking this week, and we found a couple of really great families that we are going to start teaching! (well, my new companion and I will start teaching) But it should be really great in the next week or so, and I see many baptisms coming from this. :) I am going to be taking over the area this week. I am pretty nervous about that. Elder Sumner says that I am ready, but I don't know how capable I am going to be. I would like to think that I'm ready to, but I don't know. It might just be because I don't want him to leave...
A couple of things that are coming up, is the ward is having their Halloween party on the 25th, and...IT"S ON A FARM! AND WE GET TO GO!!! :) I am so unbelievably excited to go :) I talked to the member that owns the farm, he is an older man named Brother Phipps, and he was talking about having my new comp. and me go down and help him prepare the areas on his pasture for the activities, and setting up all the hay rides and such! :)
I am in heaven! Haha
The Ward has really taken a strong turn towards missionary work, and they are all helping us with whatever we need! I am really sorry if this letter is somewhat jumbled up. I am really excited and anxious about all that has been going on, and especially about getting a new companion. It still feels like I am just barely getting here and like I have only been with Elder Sumner for a short time.
I AM DONE TRAINING TODAY! I am no longer a Greenie! :) I love it!
I love you, and I love emailing you. I love knowing that my family supports me and that you're thinking about me all the time.. :)
I love you Momma! You are my greatest strength! I am your happy, sunshiney boy! :)
Love y'all!

This is sister SchauerHamer 

Sister Jackson

Elder Farnsworth is from Moab! :)

Missionary work with Elder Gunderson

District's ice cream and hot chocolate. :)

We found Monster cereal :)

So...I found a kitty..can I keep him? :) 
We named him Elder Darius!


After exchanges...

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