Monday, October 7, 2013

My spirit has been fed.

Hello Momma! So, I am almost done with my training! It is the last of the first 12 weeks of my mission! Can you believe how fast time is flying by!? I can't! We have had a pretty good time so far! The last week we had an LTM (Leadership training meeting) And so we had tons of elders in our apartment, it is so messy! Hahaha we have a deep cleaning session coming up pretty soon! 
We also had General Conference, and it was AMAZING! Conference is a totally different thing when you're a missionary! You get so much more out of it than any other time! I took like 10 pages of notes! Or more, all I know is that I could barely bike home because my hand hurt so much afterwards! 
Conference was such a great experience though, I cried when they sang our Hymn, because I could see you singing it and feel the love of you thinking about me. I loved listening! And the other Elders made fun
of me because I was weeping for a lot of it :P But, that's what the Spirit will do to you. ;) 
We went to American Roadside Burgers (This awesome burger joint kinda like Blue Moon) And we get the Route 66 burger. Well, this time the manager came out, told us that he loves seeing us around, especially in his store, told us that he was Mormon, and gave us all of our orders for free! Hahaha it was so cool! I love Latter-Day Saints. :) 
Thank you for sending me those pictures by the way, it's really cool to see you with my companions mother :P 
I got your package with the DVD's and stuff. Thank you! And I enjoy the Stroop waffles, they are really yummy! I keep the in my backpack while riding around. :) It is so nice that Isaac is getting baptized! I didn't know that he wasn't! I always just pegged him as a member! I wish I could go! Has he been talking to the Elders? 
I miss Jayce! How is my childhood brother? He'd better write me!
Suit season begins today! We have to wear our suits everywhere we go unless it is above 75 degrees today haha. So, I am getting ready to sweat a lot and having to go to the dry-cleaners a lot. Although, I am getting really good at laundry! :)
I like having machine washable slacks, because they do get pretty dirty! I have only taken out 4 of my white shirts too, because I want to have some fresh ones as soon as I hit my year mark. :) I am getting good at rationing things! :)
Your missionary is just so great Momma! I am loving life! After Conference, I feel like I have just reloaded my weapon of conversion to go out and baptize! I am so rejuvenated and my spirit has been fed!
I love you!
Leadership training meeting

OH!! Haha those pictures! Sister Holm loves taking pictures during stuff like that, 
and I love trying to get into as many of them as I can! :) Because I know you'll see them!

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