Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfer week

The Cipriano Family

The Ciprianos' are probably my favorite Family. :) they are such a loving and caring family. I don't remember if I told you this, but they have (I think) 9 kids.  Haha and their 19 year old son Preston is probably my new best friend! He and his Dad are going to take us fishing for P-day sometime soon. :) I am so excited! haha I Really love everyone here! :) 

Momma, transfers were hard..I miss Elder Sumner a lot, and it was hard to leave him. Everything is fine though, it was a very spiritual meeting, and I was happy afterwards.. :)

Last pictures with Elder Sumner

(Photo sent by The Clow Family)

Elder Sumner is in Greenville, His new Comp is my MTC District leader, Elder Cory Farnsworth. :) One of my best friends! 
My new comp lived up by the Leatherbees on Redwood! 
Haha his name is Elder Jayson Harris. :)

Elder Harris and I get along WAY TOO WELL! Haha he loves Dr. Who, and a bunch of other stuff that I love! And his Mommas name is Cynthia. :) Lots in common! He's been out about 13 months

(Photo sent by the Frost family)

We've been escorting the elderly around the fair all day. :) Haha it was great!

The Elderly.. :)


(Photos sent by Sister Mechling ) 

This week has been pretty crazy because of the new companion and transfer week and all that. I have realized that taking over an area is a lot of work, but it is so much fun! I have been having to take it easy because my ankle has been acting up pretty bad despite stretching and exercising it daily. I called the mission nurse and she told me to ice it, take ibuprophen, and she would get in touch with our mission doctor and see what he wants to do, but other than that I couldn't be better! Friday night, the AP's dropped us off a car. FINALLY! :) We are sharing it with the other Elders, and we are so grateful for it. It will help my ankle and let us be way more productive! Elder Harris and I have way too much fun doing missionary work together, he and I come up with games and we are constantly laughing and playing around. (While getting things done, of course) But he plays this one game, where I will knock on a door and he will say something like "You have to use the word Seashell in this contact." It is so hard and so much fun. Hahaha But I have had so much fun in the last few days, it seems like I've been with him my whole mission, and it's only been a couple of days! I am working on writing in my journal every day, and I am really finding a new love for it! And it feels weird if I don't write in it! It's becoming a habit. :) I might need some new paper soon! :P also, I had a couple things I wanted to ask you about,
Will you get in touch with Daniel and have him write me please :P I miss him, Tell Ashley to write me too :)
Also, I have those brown slippers in my room that Grandpa Barker gave me, could you send those to me?
I have found a new love for weird and ugly or unique ties. So send me any you find. :)
I am just getting happier and happier! :) Especially with another great companion like Elder Harris! :) He and I get along so well, it's like he could be my brother! :)
Momma, I love you more than anything or anyone. :) I am completely lost in the work, and I am closer than ever to my Savior. :) You are my happy thought. :)

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