Monday, October 28, 2013

Elder PumpkinHead :)

Thank you so much for all you do :) You are most definitely my favorite! I love you so much! I loved the pictures you sent me! :) I haven't seen Jayce in too long! I miss him so much. :) And the missionary that said he was in the MTC with me looks way familiar! Where did you see them?
Halloween is this Thursday, and the missionaries have to be in our apartments by 6 unless we are eating with a member, then 7. We have to lock our door and stay inside until the next day. So today, we are stock piling on candy and treats and we are going to pig out haha :) Also, today for our P-day, we are being driven around by brother Clow. So we are going to shop, then go home and write letters and play some Tennis on the courts in our complex, (Elder Harris and I have both gotten pretty good at Tennis) Then at 3, we are all (Elders and Sisters) going over to the Clow's to Carve pumpkins and play some games! :) We're so excited!
This last week has been SO COLD! Apparently, it gets super cold here! I dare say that it gets colder than it does in Utah! Because of the humidity when it is 35 degrees, it feels like it's 10!  But it has been a very nice break from the heat. :) Suit season isn't even that bad when it's freezing! I am usually wearing Gloves and my jacket, and today I will probably buy a scarf.  The difference in how cold it is when you have a scarf around your neck is very significant! haha I hope that my spending isn't upsetting you, I am really trying to be careful with money. I was going to ask if it would be okay for me to go buy some warm stuffs. :) And will you send me some thermal Garments maybe? They'd be nice during the winter. :)
Elder Harris had his bike break, so we took it in on Thursday and we are getting it back today, so he has been riding a woman's bike since then. :P I can imagine that he is quite pleased to be getting his normal bike back! :) Starting at the beginning of November, we will have miles on our car again, so we won't have to ride our bikes nearly as much.
We are teaching a bunch of really awesome people, and we have 3 baptisms coming up. :) Elder Harris is really focusing on teaching me exact obedience in everything that we do, I am also seeing all of the blessings that come from being exactly obedient. :) I have been writing in my journal every day and I am finding a new love for it. I don't feel like a day is complete unless I get to put something in my journal. So I am really excited to have that. I am going to need some more paper to refill it in a month or so, however. I hope that doesn't pose a problem. I have been thinking about the family a lot lately, and I have been extra diligent and focused on praying for all of y'alls safety. Especially with my little brother driving now, I want to remind y'all to please drive safe. The drivers out here are so awful compared to Utah drivers, But I know God is taking care of me in all my actions, as long as I am doing his will, he won't let me get hurt. Please just make sure you're being careful when you drive.
Also, little miracle moment. My ankles have been acting up a ton. Hurting enough that it was hard to walk, well, I prayed about it, and stopped wearing my brace, and I have been exercising it every minute I can, and it hasn't hurt for days. :) I love it! I love you!

These Halloween pictures were sent this evening by The Clow's. Joel adores them and, as you can see, he is have a wonderful time at their home as always!

~We are really hoping this is a member's dog ;) you just never know!!!
At the end of the mission we will have to count how many pictures he has of animals and bugs :) 

This is us doing service :P
And we dressed me like a hipster one day :P haha

The Members we see... :P Haha   ~Halloween???

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