Monday, November 11, 2013


Yes, The Clows' are my favorite ever. :) So much. They are the absolute best. If we are ever hungry or anything, we can just pop in and Momma Clow will cook us something to eat and sit and talk with us for a while. :) When I leave this area, I am going to cry. I love it here so much!
I haven't heard from Kyle or Kenny. I actually haven't gotten any mail in a couple of days. No one in our apartment has. I think they may have messed up something at the mail office, I'm going to call in today. The baptism on Saturday went awesome! There is a theme for 'Baptism day' where everything that can go wrong, does. And nothing works out until the very last second. But, everything ended up going without a hitch. And, I got To baptize T******! My very first baptism on my mission! And Elder Sumner got to come back for a couple hours because A****** wanted him to baptize her. It was so cool to see him again! I missed him so much! haha The baptism was so full of the spirit, and when I think back on it, even though it was only 2 days ago, I can't remember too much, because it all flew by. I love knowing that I was able to assist them in learning about the gospel so much. :) Now we just have to get their Momma divorced and then married so we can baptize her. :) She is ready for it, it is just the legal things that we have to take care of. :P Also, I got the box with the Garments and the scarf, I love it! I wear it whenever it is chilly :)  I'm impressed that you were able to make it so fast! The whole apartment, except Elder Harris is pretty sick right now. We all came down with a pretty bad cold that kept us all down most of yesterday, and we don't feel too hot today. We were afraid that it might be Pneumonia, because I gave a blessing to a member that was sick, and they later found out that that is what she has, but it doesn't seem that bad, so I doubt it. But I bought some NyQuil and DayQuil and I have been sucking on cough drops so I can get back on my feet. :) Everything is going so great! Transfers are 2 days before Thanksgiving, so I don't know if I'll still be in this area or not, but we'll see very soon. :) I love y'all so much! Thank you Momma! :)  My time is up and I have to go, I will take lots of pictures at the baptism this Saturday ;) I love you!
Also, I heard there was a hurricane in the Philippines, have we heard from Barry? Is he alright?

Daddy and me :)

~I know this one is out of focus, but it is so great of the two of them~ Cyndi

After Baptism Ice cream celebration!

Catfish huntin' 

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