Monday, November 4, 2013

Or else my bike will go on the roof...

I just got done reading your email, and I was actually laughing in the library and people were looking at me. You described that story very well! :) I miss my Pups!
 I love you Mommy :) And you ARE a tired old mommy.. :) I can't even tell you how many times I see a southern lady yelling at her kids, and I think "Have I ever told you you're a good Mommy?" And it makes me laugh and miss you all at once!
I say those things in my head so often it would make you laugh! Also, the other day some lady yelled "Get out of the road!" As she drove by, and all I could think was "Or else my bike will go on the roof.." Hahaha So I thought I would tell you about that. :)
Those pictures are the best! I miss snow so much! It has been pretty cold here though, it wouldn't surprise me if we got an inch of snow. Cold here is very different from Cold in Utah. I love seeing the look on peoples faces when I talk about being used to a couple feet of snow at least! When it snows here, everything shuts down, schools, stores, roads, everything! All because of an inch of snow! Haha And people are so bad at driving already, that the accident rate sky-rockets if there is any ice or wet anything on the ground. People in the south are terrible drivers. I am just so happy the Lord is protecting us. :P
The Ped-sheds are amazing! I got them on Thursday and I have been wearing them ever since! I love them so much! I can bike and walk all day without my feet hurting even a little! :) So that is much appreciated. :) We will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Crossens' home, unless I get transferred. Transfers are 2 days before, so I won't know until I leave. :/  I am super praying that I'll get to stay, because I love this area. They usually keep Elders and Sisters in their area's for about 6 months, and I will have only been here about 4. So I shouldn't get transferred, but there is always that possibility. :P
Missionary work is so great! We have 6 people preparing for baptism right now, and we have 2 girls getting ready to be baptized this Saturday! And...... I get to baptize one of them! The other girl wants me to find out if Elder Sumner can come back to baptize her, and that might be a possibility, so I am going to call President Holm and find out today. :) I am so excited to baptize someone!! :)
Elder Harris and I do a lot of knocking, so we have a lot of new people to teach, and most of our days are full of appointments.
The Clows' absolutely LOVE the gift you sent them, and it was nice to see something that looked so familiar. :) Sister Clow sounds like she is very fond of you. I really think that you should come visit them when y'all come through on your trip. :)
OH! ALSO! We get to go through and do a session before Christmas! :) We all get to see the new video! We are all so excited! You have no idea! :)
Also, they announced that we would all be getting iPad Mini's pretty soon, like, within the next couple months. :) Crazy, right? And Elder Bednar is going to be coming and speaking to us in the mission pretty soon. They are just spoiling us! ;D I love you Momma! You are the best Momma in the world!

~The missionaries were in their apts with all the doors locked by 6pm on Halloween

Elder Gundersen made his Comp mad, so he calmly walked over 
and poured a whole box of cheerios on his head.

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