Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from South Carolina!

Momma!  I will be staying for at least one more transfer. :) Yay!
We are losing one of our sisters and an Elder out of our apartment though :/
 Elder Gundersen and Sister Eames are both going :( They leave tomorrow morning, early. It'll all be good though. Elder Gundersen is a total goof, but I will miss him a lot. I love his spirit. :) He's probably the nicest kid you'd ever meet in your whole existence. We have nothing planned for today, other than doing everything and anything that he wants to do. :)
Sister Clow is the absolute best! We recently moved the boundaries for the Elders and Sisters a little, so they are in our area, so we get to visit them all the time! Sister Clow told us to stop in any time we were hungry or needed anything, and she would take care of it. It's like I never even left home! She is the greatest, she and Brother Clow! :) I wanted to know why on earth you were awake at 4:30 am though??! Haha they texted us at 6:40 am and told me you were on the phone with her, and I was very confused :P
I love the Book Of Mormon so much Momma. I am so sorry that I gave you so much grief about me not wanting to read. If I could go back in time and slap myself, I so would. I wish I had the knowledge I have now back then. I could've been doing so much good among my friends and family! I am very excited for Thanksgiving, we have a couple of members feeding us, and I think Sister Clow might make me mashed topatoes just like daddy does. :) I love it here! I never want to leave! Haha The day I get transferred I will cry like a child.
It is about 30 degrees outside. The cold here is so much colder than anything I have ever felt in Utah! It is such a humid cold that it just soaks through your clothes and makes you and your clothes freezing! haha I have been carrying my inhaler lately because the air is cold and there are a lot of wood/coal burning heaters out here, so biking gets pretty hard in this cold air. I am doing well though. :) Luckily I have some nice, warm thermal G's and a couple very warm scarves to keep me toasty. :)
I should be online on Thursday, maybe Wednesday. I should be emailing then, if not, I will just text the Clows' and have them tell you I love you and how I am doing. :) Maybe we'll go see them and I'll send you a picture! I have made an oath to wear a lot of really ugly ties, so if you ever see one, please buy it and send it. ;) Haha so me, right? I am loving the other package you sent me! I was really needing a sweater, and the one you sent is soooo warm. :) Thank you so very much. I will be watching out for the package, if you send it to the Clows' it will always get to me faster. I still need to send your ornament home. It is the one Sister Clow bought for you, I am still looking for a special one though. :) This week is supposed to be very cold, and it will probably rain the next 3 days, so we might get some ice. haha :) The baptism went flawless, and I will send you some pictures of it!
I love you so much Momma!

That's her Momma on the left, and her daughter on the right, and that is K**** T***** in the middle. :)
She's the best!
Now a 3 generation member photo!

And this is me this morning in my nice, warm scarf :)

We got to go to the temple last Wednesday!

Little pigs BBQ

It is easy to smile when I am this happy!

Our district bowling :)
~love the little photo-bomber

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