Monday, November 18, 2013

He looked right into my soul and smiled at my spirit.

Momma! And Family!
This week was great! We were able to do a lot of things that we had been trying to get done in the past month, but time would never allow.
Seeing David A. Bednar was such an unforgettable experience! I wish Y'all could've been there to hear the words he spoke, and feel the spirit that entered the room when he did. It wasn't really a talk, or him preparing anything, he just showed up, started to talk for like 5 minutes, and then started to ask certain people questions. It was a big session of religious Q and A with and Apostle! I am the luckiest 1 out of 200+ Missionaries that were there. At one point I had a comment/answer to a question he asked as all, and I raised my hand and got to stand up and speak directly to him, and he talked directly to me. I felt so raised up. Nothing could've brought be down that day! And, after he talked with us for what seemed to be the shortest 3 hours of my whole entire life, we all got to walk up and shake his hand. He looked right into my soul and smiled at my spirit. :) There was so much love in that mans eyes.
Also, I was surprised that I was looking right into his eyes, because he was my height. :) Haha
My question was "How do I completely give myself to God on my mission" And he never called on me, but by the end of the meeting, my question was answered. :) When I talked to him, his question was "What do you notice about this pattern, The Lord's pattern, that we are using today? And my answer was to the effect of "It's amazing how, even if you don't get to 'voice' your question, the spirit answers your question, and all the other ones you didn't know you had." :)
Being a missionary is good. Just good. :) I have all the freedom of being 2076 miles away from home, yet I am learning to be exactly obedient and to 'act 40' as president Holm says. It is weird doing service or something where I am in normal clothes, because I will say, "hi, how are you" to someone, and they'll just look at me weird. I am liking wearing a suit every day. I never ever ever thought I would. :) Haha But I get so much joy of pushing past the uncomfortableness of knocking on a door or talking to a random person on the street, and having them accept what we say. We build a relationship in such a short amount of time it's amazing. But I love it so much and I wouldn't give it up for anything. :) Also, we get to go to the temple this Wednesday morning! :D
Thank you for telling me about the family! I miss y'all so much! You have no idea! Well, you probably do, because you made me. But I have been praying for each one of you individually daily and I love hearing how everyone is doing.
I am going to send the SD card this week, I promise. And now that I have promised, I have to do it. :) haha I just need to put my mind on those things that I need to get done, and work on not chasing that squirrel down the road. :) Haha how can you ask me what I want for Christmas?? I am a missionary! ;) I have the Gospel and people to teach it to! ;)  I have no idea Momma...I have everything I could ask for...well, it would be nice to have my Momma. :) haha
Thank you for everything Momma. You are the best Momma ever. all the other Missionaries are jealous. :) Haha I love you so much! What can I send y'all for Christmas?? (I found your ornament!)
I have  to get off. I love you so much Momma! I pray for you every day and I think about you always! I will take tons of pictures this week and be very careful with my money. Promise. :)
I love you!

So, this is the picture he sent with no explanation. We figure the caption could read.
"In our family, this is EXACTLY how a 40 yr old behaves." or "See Grandpa, nothing has changed".
Take your pick.
Also, we are naturally assuming he is is literally chasing squirrels down roads ;)

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