Monday, March 9, 2015

"Roadstar burger challenge!"

So good! I'm so full!
We went to American Roadside Burgers and did their "Roadstar burger challenge".
All of us got a t-shirt!

American Roadside Burgers 

(Juice running all the way down that boy's arm)
I am so happy! All the members out here are so nice to me! 
I got a box Wednesday night FULL of sweaters, and I was so confused because my name was the only name on there, and it didn't say who they were from, that was Wednesday. Then, yesterday, the Ciprianos’ brought me another package from you, that said it would be a week and a half before I got the other box! haha 

So, story of the Allreds': We were biking through a part of our area later at night, and it was pretty dark. We were making our last couple of stops before heading in for the night. We were stopping at a less-active's house named G*** H****** (Not even thinking about having talked to Paulette at all) and we knocked on the door just as the neighbor got home. She came over and told us that they were out of town and introduced herself. She was her Daughter. She asked us where we were from, explained that her Momma was the only member, and how she has cousins in Utah that are members. She asked us "Do yall know that Allreds'?" I said yeah! Figuring that it is a popular name and that there was no way she would know that same one's as me. But she said, "Like Paulette?" And that threw me back. I told her that I grew up down the street from them, and how you and she serve in primary together! Isn't that crazy?? She invited us in and told me she was going to put a picture on her Facebook, and I knew you would see it and know within like, 20 minutes. :) So I was happy because I knew you'd be happy! Isn't that cool?? God works in the weirdest ways!!! We are so excited to go back and see them as soon as they get back into town, but now we know J******* as well, and can stop in and see her and her husband on occasion too! 

It's so nice that God is working on the family that I love so much, I was worried about them when I left, and I haven't missed a night of prayer without asking for yall to be protected and guided. I love hearing about all the blessings God is giving yall because of something so simple as serving a mission. 

I hope I haven't been spending too much money, I am still waiting for my missionary card to come in, which it this week, and I have loved getting little things here and there that I need, and knowing that y'all will see where I am :)

This week we are working on exact obedience as a zone. We are finding little things we do throughout the day that might not be in exact accordance with what we are inspired to do, and we are cutting them out, and praying that we will find success by giving those things up. 

The weather here hasn't been as bad as the crazy blizzard y'all had, but hasn't been too pleasant to bike through. It has been cold, foggy, misty and rainy. But we are still working as hard as we can and are just doing whatever we can to make sure we don't allow our spirits to be down even for a second! 

We have some lessons coming up with our main investigators this week, so please remember us in your prayers! we are working as hard as we can to help these people come to Christ. We also have a recent convert who hasn't been at church because she is ready to have a baby...any second now :) So we are excited to see her back, and are trying to talk to her sister and see if she would be interested in meeting with us as well :) 
Thanks for the care packages by the way!!! I got all 3 in 2 days!!!

Love y'all!

Yeah, Our apartment is on a lake!!!
Bishops meeting before Sister E went home.
 Bobo the biggest coolest Chow Chow I've ever seen!
Paulette's niece!

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