Monday, March 23, 2015

We got a car!

This has been a crazy week! I just sent you an 8 page letter this morning in good detail about it all!
 I am going in on Wednesday to have my filling re-done. They adjusted it on (whatever day I went in last) and told me to see if that helps, and didn't charge me. Then, when it hadn't gotten any better, he said that he would first like to re-do the filling to save some money and maybe that will fix it, and if that doesn't, then we do a root canal. 
Today for p-day, Elder O and I are going to go up to Nephi's books by the temple, and use that as an excuse to surprise the Clows! :) 

This week has been so good! We have a new Investigator named R******, I don't know If I wrote about him last week, but he is so cool! He is loving everything we are teaching, and is just loving the Book Of Mormon! We are so excited for him! 
B***** is doing well also, she will be baptized on the 4th, and we are just counting down the days until then! 
We actually Saw J******* (Paulette's niece) and her husband on Saturday and they are doing great! 
We will go see them again this week :) 

We got a car when the sisters left, and we are so happy about that. We were both ready to just tackle our area on bikes, but now that we have driven 45 minutes to the other end of our area, we are very grateful that we have it. We are waiting for a hitch to come in the mail so we can go have the hitch and a bike rack put on.Then we can drive to our farther areas and bike around to save our miles, and keep ourselves fit. :) But really, our area is huge now. It would have taken us about 4 hours to bike to some of the people we have to go see this week. 
We are working right now on putting all of our records and all of the sisters records together, as well as working on getting a new map so we have all the members, investigators and potentials marked. We are just having a blast! It has been somewhat rainy and cold the last couple days, so I have been getting good use of all the sweaters you sent! Thank you again for all of those! We are very excited for conference weekend, because we will get to enjoy conference, short sleeves, and a baptism! What more could we want??! 
Um, what else has happened...I got a guitar yesterday! Our Ward Mission leader gave it to me as long as I promised to teach him how to play a little! Isn't that cool!!! In the letter I sent you, I asked if you would send me some taps for Peter Mayer and any other church related music, as well as whatever else is on guitar! I am hoping to use it while I am out during meetings and stuff for musical numbers :) I already learned 'If ye could high to Kolob' so that's fun! 
My ankle is doing a little better now that we aren't biking so much, but I still have trouble every once and a while. I am keeping up on exercise and all that, but it still bugs me. I will just keep going though! I am restarting my reading in the Book Of Mormon, and I am excited because God is helping me understand it so much more now! 
Love Y'all!

Elder Barker with his Momma and Papa Clow!
Sister Clow made sure the boys were properly fed.

Elders Barker & Olmstead at the Clows'

Just in case any of us were worried that we wouldn't get a picture of an animal this week....
Bam! a picture of "a toad in hand" right at the last minute!
 That's our Joel!

We also got one of him playing with The Clows' adorable dogs.)

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