Monday, March 30, 2015

Matthew 19:29

I am so happy you loved my letter! I find it so much easier to tell you everything that is going on in a letter because I don't really have a time limit to write, and it is more private, so my head is so much clearer. I love writing you letters too! I think I am going to start writing Kyle and Shani and Kenny and Mesa and all those people that I don't have their addresses, and just send the letters home and maybe y'all could get them where they need to go? :) 

I am so happy that Sister Widdison was willing to send that picture to you! She went to Syracuse High school, so she knows where hunter is, and roughly where we live! She and her husband are so cool. He is our Ward mission leader, and is awesome. They are actually headed out to Utah in May, and I was totally thinking that we should set it up so Y'all can go get lunch or something! Then you should come visit me and take me out to lunch. :) Haha, that would be so cool! 

I can't believe all the miracles that are happening back home right now! God really is working hard on our family and in our ward! 
This week has been really fun! We had to clean out our whole apartment and make sure there was nothing on the ground because we had a company come in and clean our carpets. Our apartment is spotless! :) 

We are getting B ready for baptism, and we are just so excited for her!  Elder O. will be baptizing her, and I will be doing a font side confirmation. We are getting everything put together, and she is so elect. All of her friends are beginning to stop talking to her because she is getting baptized, and her boyfriend broke up with her as well.  We went over last night and she just cried and cried. I showed her the scripture in Matthew you sent me, Matthew 19:29 and we prayed with her about it, then she asked us for a blessing. By the time we left, she was just overwhelmed with how excited she was for this weekend! We are so excited!

This week, we are going to be exploring the parts of our new area we haven't been, and we are going to kneel down with our map, and pray to find out where we need to go and who we need to go see. We both know there is someone waiting to hear what we have to say. :) 

We are also going to go have a bike rack installed on our car this week so we can drive far out and bike around. It is a much better use of our miles. :) 

We did a lot of service this week too, we helped lift some way heavy logs into the back of a truck so we can come back this week and chop them up for an older lady's fire place.
I will send pictures! 

Love y'all!!!

This is baby C he belongs to B who is getting Baptized this week.
He is adorable!

The guy we were helping had a really cool toy! 

This week's critter pictures...

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