Monday, April 20, 2015

Union, my own little South Carolina Fremont.

Elder Barker and Elder Browne

Transfers have come and gone! I left Elder Jeremy Olmstead to train a new missionary in Windsor Lake, which is such a great area. This new missionary has a great Trainer and an awesome area to learn how to be a missionary.
I am now with Elder Devin Browne, and I tell you what momma, he is just like Elder Speck. I know God needs me here, and with him. In only 5 days he has taught me so much, and we have had an absolute blast together. He is such a Christ-like person, and has an extreme love for this Gospel and this area. He is from Lindon, UT. And I told him that it would probably be within a week that you get in touch/have lunch with his Momma haha.

When we first got to the area, we had been on an hour drive back from the Irmo Chapel, and it was POURING rain while we were being driven back by the senior couple in our branch. We made it back, and to my surprise, we live in a house! I little, tiny, itty, bitty, white house in a small neighborhood. :) Haha I love it.

Elder Browne Gave me a hug and asked if I would like a blessing for being in the new area. After I received a very sweet blessing of comfort and confidence, we went out to work. I love it here. :) It is like my own little South Carolina Fremont. :)
We taught a couple of lessons our first two days together, and we already teach in unity, and have a great time doing it. :) I think I might be able to pick up my drawls while I am here, because for once, I am away from the city and I am around people who truly speak like they are from the Carolina's. :) Haha
On Saturday there was a stake youth activity in a place called Boiling Springs, SC. Our most progressing investigator is J. He is 14 and will probably be the next Prophet. We got permission to go there with him since he wouldn't really know anyone, so we got to go on a little drive together and meet him up there. When we got there, there was Ultimate Frisbee going, Volleyball, GaGa ball, and soccer. It was so much fun! By the end, he had a ton of friends, and they announced to them that he would be getting baptized. He loved it. He is ready for baptism and knows all the lessons very well, so when we go over there we spend our time throwing a football back and forth and quizzing him while doing it and he always does so well. :)
Yesterday, the weather was pretty bad, and we heard that we were on Tornado watch. Haha now, there was no way there was going to be a tornado, but the thought of it was way cool!
I have secretly hoped I would get to see a tornado while serving, but all we got yesterday was another super heavy rainstorm, so we went and played in it.  :)
I also had an investigator send you a picture of us last night. Her name is T. She is such a sweet lady, and as Southern as Southern gets. She is notoriously busy, and is very hard to catch at home, but we have been able to go over and let her vent to us about work and just bring the spirit into her home with the scriptures. We are working on finding a good time to invite her to baptism right now :) We were over there last night talking with her on the porch. We were going to be heading in, but right before we left, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, so I ran into her back yard, and caught the toad that was hoppin' around. :) I started walking back, and said "Now, Elder Browne, don't freak out" To which he squealed and hid behind T.
He doesn't do bugs, dogs, or any animals really. I love him to death, he is so funny.
I love Union so much, we are a branch instead of a ward, and the building is SO SMALL! I took a lot of pictures, and I will send them.
Love Y'all so much!
Have such a good week and keep me in your prayers!

This at a members home, he has this little tent up because he is cleaning it. Elder Browne tried to trap him in it, so he got him in this little arm hold thing haha it was so funny :P 

The B-ball one is the same type of lesson as I explained with the football. :)

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