Monday, April 6, 2015

I loved Conference!

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief,  Elder Barker  has gotten a haircut  :)

Momma :)
I loved Conference! I went into it with a prayer in my heart, and some questions I wanted answered, and I had them answered differently than what I thought I would get. I am pondering my answers, and seeing what God might have me learn from all of this! It was very interesting! I feel like the past couple of General Conferences were a lot of "Bewares of this" and "Don't do this" And this one was all about "The second coming is soon, keep the commandments and find a family!" Haha a lot of preparation rather than warnings. I love knowing that the work is moving so quickly!

I haven't gotten my GPS yet, where did you send it? I was actually down in Hopkins the other day having our new map printed down at the staples right there, because they were the only one that had the right sized paper, we ended up waiting 2 hours, so we had our hour of time at the library I used to email from!
We also went and got lunch at the Zaxby's in my old area, and stopped by the Clows' to get my package. It was so cool! We both loved them!! I love how crafty they are! Best Easter basket I have had yet! And the snacks came in handy during Conference! ;)

I think it is so cool that you were able to help the Ciprianos by picking Sarah from the airport! Her Momma just called and went on and on about how nice you were and how lucky I am to have a Momma like you. All I really knew how to say was "I know :) " haha

There were a couple of times during conference that my mind when straight to you, when they sang "Have I done any good" I rolled my eyes for you, and the odd use of the word even-  "Even Jesus Christ" haha I laughed thinking that you would be thinking the same things :P I really did love Conference!
If only I had had a puzzle to do!
We watched all of Saturday's broadcast at the church, but started it out better than any other conference I've ever listened to: With a baptism!! It was so fun :) everyone was just so smiley and happy for B! Then we were able to listen to some amazing talks, and all of our hands and wrists hurt from writing so many notes :) We Got to go over to a members home (The Boe's) for the afternoon session yesterday, and it was so comforting. Something about being in a home with a family :) where people are just comfy, and messing with eachother, and maybe throwing something across the room to get someones attention. :) It was nice haha Sister Boe is like a momma to us Missionaries!

 I went and got a fishing pole because they were on sale for 20 dollars, so you can tell Grandpa that I went and bought an Ugly Stick! The gx2 model, because that's what he would've had me get :) We are going fishing for P-day, most likely down in Hopkins with the Elders serving in Columbia, and I will do my very best to go catch a huge fish!

Momma bear, I promise you that I will listen to you. My loyalty is to God, then my Mission President, then my companion.
But God is first, and he said "Honor thy father and thy mother" And that's a commandment.
Love Ya!

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