Monday, April 27, 2015

When we put God first, all things fall into their proper place ~President Benson

Hi Momma! 
This week has been pretty good! Ever since I got to Union, it has been raining like crazy. Everyone has been saying that it hasn't rained this much in quite a long time. God must know I love rain! But today it has been nice and sunny! 

This week Elder Browne and I have been working on finding new people to teach by working with the members as well as finding through our own efforts. We have been knocking in some new areas, and haven't had any great luck yet, but we are still working :) 

We are still blessed with a car to get us around. Elder Browne was designated as the driver for our companionship, but in the middle of last week, he decided to call and switch it so I could drive because he knows how much I love driving :) He is very selfless, it was awesome of him to do. He is a lot like Elder Speck, and is very focused. I am just doing my best to be a good companion for him and help him stay on purpose. He is such a good guy. I promise I will drive carefully, we have a lot of mission rules for drivers, and we follow them. Even when we are on the freeway (Which there aren't any within like 50 miles or more) we don't go more than 60 mph. :)

We went fishing the other day and I caught a turtle! 
I didn't have my camera though, so I will have to catch another one so I can take a picture and show you :) I am determined to learn how to make Cooter Stew! I know, right? And people will correct you if you say turtle soup. haha

I got your package just fine, and like all things act in our family, as soon as I got your camera, mine started working again -_- haha wonderful. I am still going to send mine home though, because it still has that dot inside the lens. 
I don't really know anything about Skype-ing yet, but I imagine it will be at our Branch mission leader’s home. I will be sure to find out for you :) Church here starts in that little itty bitty building at 10 am :) So when y'all get to church, Elder Browne and I are just starting our Gospel principles lesson! 
It’s the same as any other lesson we teach. If you compare teaching a bunch of members that already know a lot about the gospel, to knocking on someone’s door and testifying of a truthful doctrine and just praying that they will let you into their home, Gospel Principles is so easy. I love it here. I already know the area pretty well. Well, the close places anyway. Branches are nice because you get to know the members very well and very fast and everyone is related somehow!!
I promise I will take pictures now that I have a working camera. Also, we should be having a baptism this Saturday, so I will do my best to have someone send a picture home, 
Love y'all!

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