Monday, April 13, 2015

With an eye single to the glory of God, and his work!

Turtles everywhere! haha. We have to swerve not to hit them! There are so many and so many different kinds out here! We were driving out of the Sand Hill elders apartment on Wednesday, and there was one crossing the street that we almost hit. Elder Frasz, who was driving, wouldn't stop so I could save it. But we all watched in the mirror as it made it across right before a truck came by, and we all screamed for joy it was way fun :)
We had a cool little miracle this week!  We had a bunch of soft folding chairs in our car from the church because the ward got new ones, and we were told to take these ones and give them to missionaries. Well, we brought them to ZTM, and no one wanted any, we were pretty frustrated that we loaded so many into our car and nobody took any. Then, we went to a Less Active's house who we had been trying to get in contact with since I came back. We got in and he had 4 people living in his house, and not furniture of any kind. Boom, haha we knew why we had put all the chairs in the car, and we made his day!
Elder O and his new companion will keep up with Paulette's family. We are actually going to try to stop by tonight or tomorrow sometime. Last time we talked to them, J and her husband were working on an Explorer, so we sat and visited for a little while. They were good :) We just had a nice friendly conversation and talked about a lot of different things. It is nice to be friends with them, and get to know them, so that way they can slowly keep getting to know the missionaries, and the more we are around, the more we can pray that they will feel a difference in the spirit when we are or aren't there. :)
I am sad to leave this area :/  I have been packing this morning, and between your email and reading my Patriarchal Blessing this morning, I think I'll be okay. You are able to strengthen me in ways I couldn't even think of how to ask, and before I could ask. :)  
I am excited to keep serving, and when I am going to be able to say, for reals, I am a finisher, with an eye single to the glory of God, and his work!

Found him on exchanges at an investigators house. I think he was a pet, but I'm not sure .
Elder Chaffey :)

Sesquicentennial state park in my area for the stakes day of service.
Everything looks like this!!!!

 Those are Millipedes. :) Haha weird, right?

We also went fishing while I was on exchanges, and I didn't catch any big fish, but I caught like 10 guppies by hand and put them in a jar :)

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