Monday, May 4, 2015

Faith in God's timing ~J's Baptism.

 Luckily the color came out!
(Except on the white clothing ;) ) 

 Hello Family! 
This week has been very very good. :) 
The pictures I sent are from a couple different events throughout the week. We are covered in colored Chalk from helping a member in our Branch at their Fire Departments Color Run fundraiser! I loved it. 
Our color was Sunshine Yellow, so the very first thing I did was dip my head in it  :)

We were able to go to a far corner of our area to have a lesson with a lady that our branch President met at Walmart. We went with him to her home, and were able to go in and sit down with her, then we had one of the best 1st discussions I have had. The spirit was so overwhelming throughout the entire lesson, and none of us could stop smiling. She accepted the invitation to be baptized at the end of the month. She would then bring her 16 year old son and his best friend to J's Baptism on Saturday. 
J has done awesome. This week was a little rocky for their family, and we had warned him that Satan would be working hard on him the closer he got to his baptism, but everything ended up going just fine. :) We had a lot of investigators at his baptism to come watch and see what it was like, and feel the spirit that was there. IT was so good. :) We had a great lesson with his family last night as well, sat down and read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon with them, and had a great lesson. We were able to extend the commitment of baptism to his mother and sister and they accepted. :) That whole family will be at church very soon! 

We are working with and really focusing on finding a lot of new people everywhere we go. :) We have had our trials though. We met a sweet lady while on exchanges.We shared the doctrine that families can be together forever, and asked if she would like to learn about that. Almost in tears, she said, "yes" and asked us to come back the next day. We left her with a Book of Mormon and went back the next day, but she wasn't there, so we tried back right before J's baptism and she and her husband were on the front porch. We went and talked with them for a couple of minutes, and all was going just fine until he snapped and told us to get off his property. It was unexpected and came out of nowhere, but we bore testimony and we left. Now it's in God's hands what he will do with them and all we can do is pray. It breaks my heart when people are too hard to accept the Gospel and let the spirit into their lives, but I know that we have to have faith in God's timing, and when they are ready, missionaries will be led back to their home.
Love Y'all!

Elder Loos and Elder Barker

It is a brim...bream...perch...something. 
I think it's a perch in Utah, and a Bream here. Ask bro. Cipriano, he will know. :) 

No one in the South has real is all like...a yard of green weeds, or crabgrass.
So, I found real grass one day, and was soo happy :)

This is our Branch Presidents Jeep.
We get to ride in it all the time and it is so much fun. :) 
Umpa-Lumpa Elders!

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