Monday, May 25, 2015

The priesthood is real.

Momma bear! 
I do get to email because it is a commandment that missionaries email or write their families (mommas) weekly. :) 
We have great members, and we are emailing at our Branch Presidents home.
We taught a lady named R. the other day about the Restoration. We were out on her front porch and momma, it was so cool to watch, WATCH, the spirit touching her. She kept saying that she could feel something and every time I could feel the spirit so powerfully I could see her getting "goose-bumps" Isn't that so cool? I love this so much!

Poor Timbre :( I will be praying for her. Has she received a Priesthood blessing yet? If not, she really should get one. We gave a blessing to an investigator that we have because he was going in for a surgery later that day. We don't know what it was for or what was wrong, but we gave him the blessing, gave his mother a blessing of comfort and counsel, and then we left. Later on that day we get a call from his momma, and she tells us that when they went in and had him checked, they didn't need to do the surgery, because things were already healing. :) 
The priesthood is real. 
Elder Browne is being transferred on Wednesday, and..get this, I'm training! 
I will miss Elder Browne. I love being his companion.
I'm gonna be a dad! 
Sorry to to be so quick today, we have a member taking us down to Cowpens SC to meet up with the rest of our zone and go fishing with them for p-day. 
Love y'all!
Your happy missionary son.

In Columbia for iPad training.

Our house

Our little tomato garden

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