Monday, June 1, 2015

Baptisms are a perfect way to celebrate your birthday


 My birthday was so good, and we didn't really do anything to celebrate it for me. It was all about their baptism and it went so well.  
We had our studies, and then an hour of training, and then we drove with the S family to a place called Joanna in Newberry County to go to this little BBQ place; it was soo good :) I loved it. It was a great drive and when we got back, we got our area book in a little better order because if you slack on taking care of it for just a little bit, it gets ruined. We then went and met with as many people as we could before the baptism, we found a really awesome guy that allowed us to teach him the restoration, and he loved it. He has 14 year old twins, a boy and a girl, and they would be a wonderful asset in the branch. We are going to follow up with him on Wednesday and see how things went with reading the Book of Mormon that we left him.  
It has been hot..and I mean, HOT. You walk outside, and you are soaking wet withing a minute or less. There is no point trying to stay dry haha. We had a little rain two days ago, and that gave us hope for some cooler weather, but nope. It was 80 degrees later that day, and it got so humid! SOOO HUMID! Haha but we love it any way. The more Humid it gets, the more bugs and animals there are for me to catch! 
Also, Fireflies. Or Lightning bugs as they call them here, are everywhere in Union now. Everywhere! And I heard Cicadas for the first time yesterday too, so it has begun! 
We are excited for the baptisms that we have in the coming weeks, and we are working hard to help these people stay on the path. Satan has been working hard on a lot of these people, and I know it is because there is something very good that will come out of Union, and soon! As long as we stay faithful and work as hard as we are able, the Lord will bless us with Success. Elder Zwick of the Seventy came and taught us in a training meeting a week or so ago, and told us the way to have success on a mission, and know that we are doing what we are supposed to, is to 1- take the sacrament worthily every week, and 2- use God's time perfectly. I wrote that down, not too hard! I can do that! :) 
I got my trainee on Wednesday, his name is Elder Luis Gonzales, and he is so cool. :) I just want to be a good trainer for Elder Gonzales, it makes you humble, and makes you crave Obedience. I love it! He worked hard to get out here, and I can tell that he really wants to be here, and wants to work! We have a great time.  He is Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and ASL. Very talented kid, and I know that God will bless him with many opportunities to share the Gospel in those languages.

I got all of the birthday boxes :) I loved them! Thank you so much, I had so much fun getting them, and it was killing me waiting to open them at the end of the day! 
I got Grandma and Grandpa's the day after your big one. So excited! I get to go fishing today (surprise) and I get to try them out! Please tell everyone thank you from me.
We are going to be fishing and Bowling today, so that will be fun. Love y'all! Pray that we have Success!
 I love you so much! Have a great day!
-Elder Sunshine

Largemouth, I caught it fly fishing.

See Mi Hijo??
(Spanish for my son :P)

Random critter photo of the week.

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