Monday, June 22, 2015

I am fixed upon the Rock of Jesus Christ,. and I cannot be moved.

D&C 6:34 
Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail.

Okay, I have to admit. I really do look forward to this day every week because I get to write you Momma :) And the rest of the family! I don't care what the rest of the day holds as long as I get to talk to y'all! :) 
Things have been okay. We have been struggling slightly with the letdown of losing 4 great investigators to another church, and we have been having some difficulties as far as focusing on our purpose in the mission field. I have been doing my best to be a good trainer, and focus only on my purpose to be a good example for my companion. Anyone who reads this and knows me, knows that patience has never been something I have been good at, so there is no better place to learn it than on a mission! The place where good habits start! :) 
I am glad that you enjoyed the video! I like recording stuff like that, because they are like little inside jokes with the family, and I know you'll get it :) 

Well, since we are a very small branch, our primary is tiny. So, when they called up the primary kids to sing, Sister Parris also said, "And anyone else who feels like a kid can come up and help sing". So I bolted up, and I made Elder Gonzales come sing with us! The Branch got a kick out of that :) I love that I am able to just be myself and there is no one to judge me, as long as I don't let anyone. 
We had an awesome lesson with a couple that we have been trying to pick up for a while now, they are in their forties or fifties, and the wife is always running around, crazily busy, while the husband is very much the opposite, but the love that they have for one another is amazing. And they are always careful to make sure the other one knows it. We have just found out that the wife is dealing with some tests that will tell her if she has cancer, and there is only a 3% chance that she doesn't. It doesn't sound to be fatal, and can be fixed with a simple surgery, but is still very scary. We had a big storm here about a week ago, and the winds were blowing very hard. A decent sized tree was pushed over onto her momma’s house where her sister is living. It didn't crush the house, but it poked holes in the roof, and bounced off the roof and crushed the 80's Ford truck (just like Alec's old one) flat. :( She and her husband have been facing a lot of trials, so we were able to pray with them, and show them a couple of conference talks and Mormon Messages. We showed them 'The Refiner's Fire' which they loved, and got a lot out of, then we showed them "Faith Proceeds the Miracle" and we talked about that for a little bit. By the end of the lesson, there was a totally different spirit in their home, and I know that they had received feelings from the spirit. :) I love when stuff like that happens and I am able to be there to feel it :) 
That’s my missionary moment for the week! 
I love y'all!! 
-Elder Joel Sunshine Barker :)

"Prius" ~ Southern Style

Boiling Springs 
(Bowlin' Springs as they say out here) for an outdoor sports day with the zone. :) 
I get to play ultimate Frisbee again! :)
I am sweaty. Like, very sweaty. haha this is the only place where I can actually have sweat dripping into my eyes just because of walking. 

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