Monday, June 29, 2015

I love being a missionary!

This week has been really good! We have been finding a lot of new people, and we have 3 new investigators that all live with different less active members of the branch. These are my favorite kind of people to work with, because while we help them prepare for baptism, we also let the spirit influence the members in the home to come back to church! We have some awesome meetings set up in the next week, and we are going to be doing a lot of knocking to find new people also. We went to go visit a less-active family that we see at church every couple of weeks, but they usually aren't too friendly to the missionaries, and they slip away as soon as sacrament meeting ends. We found out that they had previously had a falling out with a disrespectful Elder years ago, and that's why they hadn't really talked to us too much. Well, we had a great lesson with them last night, and we are going back tomorrow to help the wife paint part of their home, she is cooking for us, and I am going to see if I can't get my hands a little dirty by helping the husband with the pull-behind lawn mower that he has been trying to get running. I think they will be a great asset to the Branch in helping build our numbers also! I love being a missionary, and I love following promptings of the spirit! :) Love y'all!
-Elder Joel Odie Sunshine Barker

 He is the one that feeds us every Sunday, he's like our grandpa. :)

We found the snake on the side of the road, it's a king snake. It is
immune to the venom of other snakes, and it eats them. :) 

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