Monday, August 3, 2015

My purpose is to bring souls to Christ.

This week has been pretty great! We are working on exact obedience in our companionship, and I think it is just in time. Things are tough in Union as far is a teaching pool goes, and we cannot afford to not receive the blessings from being obedient. We will be meeting with President Turner this week also for one-on-one interviews, so that will be a great thing to help keep us obedient :) 

We spent last P-day with an investigator named C, where we played the card game rummy for the majority of the day. It was a lot of fun, and we love spending time with him :) He always makes sure that we are taken care of and have all the things we need. We finish off that day with a great meal at a members home, and a couple of awesome lessons. The week went by very fast, and we got a lot accomplished.

I have learned a lot in the last week, and I have been able to see a lot of changes in my own life. I have also received a lot of revelation about what I want later on in my life. I have been a lot more in touch with the spirit, and I have noticed little differences like how the spirit is different when you do a little extra to make sure that your house/apartment stays clean. I have also been faced with different challenges. One of which was Obedience. Throughout all missions everywhere, exact obedience is required and expected of all missionaries, however some lack the conviction that it takes to help you become and stay obedient. It is hard to make the decision to be obedient to every rule when the people around you aren't as supportive of that decision as you are. It is hard because there tends to be a spirit of contention when issues arise, but I know that if I am always fighting for the way God asks that we do things, I will be blessed and things will turn out okay in the end. My issue has always been worrying that if I cause a problem for the sake of being obedient, I would get talked about the same way I have heard others get talked about by other missionaries who think they are being too "Uptight" However, I have learned that that really just doesn't matter. What matters to me, is that I am right with my Savior, and that I am doing His work His way. Because, if I do His work any other way, it becomes my work. I only care what He thinks, and what my Mission leaders think, and I am going to do my very best to always be doing something that would make them proud. I hope it will help others make good decisions as well. 

We had a great meeting at church yesterday! The spirit was so strong, and in a small branch like Union, I am always thinking about if I will need to go bear my testimony so that there isn't any dead time like there usually is back in Utah. I remember at home sitting there for 10 minutes of complete silence because no one wanted to get up to the microphone and bear testimony. That's silly to think about now. Yesterday, I felt like I needed to get up and say something, but every single time someone would end and begin to sit down, I would start to get up and be beat to it by a member of the branch. Every time, this happened, and it made me so happy. Everyone kind of bore testimony on the same topic as well. It seemed that the spirit was really working on one person in there, and they needed to hear what everyone was saying. One of my favorite things about a small branch is that everyone knows each other. It is so much more personable :) 

I just get to sit there and listen to people talk and laugh with everyone while B (The Southards' daughter) runs from her Momma to give me some kind of candy or grapes or whatever she has for me to eat, then runs back to get more, and bring them to me. :) It's a fun game, and I never go hungry. 
After church, we got to go see a brother who has an injured leg from going to another area and helping those missionaries with some service, but while he was there, he fell through the floor. We went with Brother Southard, and we got to go inside his home. I had never been there, in fact I didn't even know he lived there, but we got to go inside and give him a blessing :) I love being a missionary. 

Something we did every morning when President Holm was here is standing quotes. We still do them at meetings and before Companionship study during training, and they go like this:
My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end. My purpose is to bring souls to Christ. My purpose is to baptize and confirm. 
There are other parts to it, but this is what I love. I think about this every day, I have it memorized, and I am going to let this guide me through the work. It is in Preach My Gospel, so it must work :) Haha 
Well, we are going to go bowling today, and go do some laundry.
Love y'all!

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