Monday, August 10, 2015

Dare to stand alone.

Went up to boiling springs to play kickball, sand volleyball
 and ultimate frisbee. I am covered in sand.

This week has been tough, but rewarding as well. We have had a bunch of secret little blessings be dropped in our path, and we have been working as hard as we can to keep them progressing. 
We had an awesome lesson with a less-active's mother, and we were able to put her on date to be baptized on September 5th. She has some struggles, so we are doing our best to meet her needs, it is just hard to catch her at home! We are hoping that if we can help her build a firm testimony of the gospel, is will touch her son as well, and he'll come back to church.
I am learning to be bold in a loving way. There are people that will just get offended if you tell 'em how it is, and then there's the people of Union. They know they need to come back, but they lack the conviction it takes to get up in the morning and come to church. We had 4 people tell us they would be at church, and as we called around Sunday morning, one by one, people told us they weren't coming. It gets frustrating, and I am learning to not let it affect me. I used to be a lot better at just letting things roll off my back, but I also didn't used to care about the people as much as I do now. It is just really hard to be a missionary by yourself. 
Interviews with President Turner were really good. It is nice to be able to get a personal relationship with him, and it is nice to know that he knows my true desires and what I want to get done. 

It has finally cooled off and has been raining quite a bit this week. We have been in some desperate need of rain in Union, it has been so hot!

I am so thrilled to hear that Savannah stood up for her values and stuck with her decision to be modest. In a way, that reminds me of the Mormon Message "Dare to stand alone" :) I think she would like that. 

Hearing about Sawyer's cow makes me so happy! I wish I could be there to help him, but it doesn't sound like he needs my help at all! :) He is growing up into a great young man, and I wish I could see it happening. 

So many things are happening, I will say a bunch of prayers for Daddy and Grandpa. I hope the issues get fixed finally. I would love to come home and see Daddy walk and not be in pain! And I am sure Grandpa is excited to be able to use his shoulder. We'll be unstoppable when I come home, and the Chevelle and the model A will be fixed up! :) This'll be fun!! And we will be prepared for the next time the Subaru breaks down! (Knocks on wood!)

Transfers are next Wednesday, and we find out this Saturday who is leaving and who is staying. Pray for good things!
Love y'all!
Elder Browne sent me a gift!

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