Monday, August 31, 2015

Heart and Soul

Hello family!
This has been a good week! We had an awesome lesson, here's the story!
She was a referral that we got one day, and she said that she wanted a bible from us. Bible referrals don't usually go too far, but we are always hopeful! We drove out to Buffalo, SC and we met her at her house. She didn't have any chairs, so we sat Indian style and taught her the restoration. My legs went numb right before the first vision, haha. We were really surprised by how much she already knew and after we were finished with the lesson, we invited her to be baptized and….. she accepted! We got the whole story from her of how she met a lady in Union who is a member up in Greenville, and they became very close friends. This lady had shared pretty much everything with her about the church. She had already gone to church and had attended a baptism in that ward; she is so ready! We are very excited for her, and she will make such a good addition to the branch. :)    Pray for her, sometimes people in the South can be kind of harsh to those that decide to convert. She is also going to let me work on her car this week :) 
We have a pretty new district with all the new missionaries that came from this transfer, so our district meeting was fun. Both of the Spartanburg companionships got sister missionaries in their areas and they split the areas in half. Elders Hall and Bowles lost their car, so we have pity on them and take them shopping and stuff that is most uncomfortable on a bike. I remember when I was in Hopkins and we had to bike on p-day. It wasn't fun at all. 
We are finding new people to teach everywhere we go, and we are doing our best to always ask for referrals from everyone. Pray for us! Love y'all!

Take one.

Take two.

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