Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day Y'all!

So, the library is closed today, so we are emailing at a members home. They are so nice! But I am emailing on a mini this is somewhat difficult :P So I might write my big email on Wednesday.

I am so good, Just a busy week! We have planned and helped with two baptisms this last Saturday for the sisters and the other elders, so we have been pretty busy lately haha. We have had some big news happen, this Wednesday is transfers. One of the other elders in our apt is leaving, and we will be getting a new companion for Elder Gundersen, then, Elder Sumner and I are going to be getting a 3rd companion! We will be training a visa waiter! Haha crazy, right? Also, there are going to be about 37 new missionaries coming in this transfer, and 22 of them are sisters. So we are losing our car :P No big though, I am somewhat excited to get to use my bike more! Yesterday was one of the hottest days I have experienced here yet! So those days are going to suck biking, but everything is just going great! 

Today is Elder Sumners Birthday, and a member is taking us to a place somewhat like Boondocks I guess :P

 Have the kids all write me, I love getting letters from them, Tell Justin and Grandma & Grandpa I love and miss them, and I appreciate the package! Tell Justin I love the seeds!  

Cyndi~ These are some pictures Elder Barker sent home on his SD card from the MTC. These are his explanations:

The paper airplanes? We found those in the ceiling! Hahaha We found like 60 of them! We went exploring in the ceiling while we were there! We found tons of stuff! 
Who explores a ceiling?  Elders Roetker, Whitehead, and Sherwood and I! 

 Hahaha we found that pumpkin bucket in the ceiling and it was full of old Halloween candy! 
Haha like a geocache type thing.
 We took some, signed our names and missions, and then put some stuff in and put it back!  

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