Monday, September 30, 2013

Life is good!

MY GOODNESS!!! MY LITTLE BROTHER IS DRIVING!! :D That is so great! I love that! I can't wait to drive with him! :D Tell him how proud I am of him! That makes me feel old though! :P
I loved the Frisbee! It is so cool, I have always wanted a "Life is good" Frisbee! It brought back so many memories! Also, Stephen told me about the one he got and how happy he is that Y'all sent it. I can't wait to see him after we're done serving! He sounds like her is having so much fun! :)  Thank you so much for keeping in contact with all of my friends while I'm out, everyone loves you! :)
Things are great!
Being a Missionary, you'd be surprised how excited we are for conference! I can't wait to watch it! We are going to take so many notes! Hahaha I am excited to actually be able to, not only get something out of it, but to be able to use it in teaching as well! I really am Giddy about it!

I will probably be in Columbia until January. Most likely. :)
This week has been a week of miracles! We knocked in a few new places, and got 4 new investigators, and we are constantly finding new people! I love it! We have an appointment to meet with one of the new families we are teaching this Thursday. So we are way excited for that! I promise I will be good, careful and obedient! Haha I love you so much

Hahaha I just got a new investigator in the library. She's a 17 year old who lives in our area. She asked what I do, I told her the whole "I'm a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" And asked her if we could teach her and her family, and she gave me her number and address and stuff :P Hahaha
so weird
I love you Momma!

 God gave me a little reminder on riding my bike safely though..:P It was raining super hard again yesterday, and we were cutting through a parking lot and I was going way too fast. I braked and my back end slid to the side and I hit the ground and slid about 10 feet. :P The ground was wet and I was wearing my G's, so I didn't get hurt at all. I stopped on my back somehow, so I threw my hands and legs in the air and screamed "WOOOO!!!!" Haha then got up and rode home...slower.. :) But things are really great! We are having a ton of fun! The only thing injured was my belt.

Drove past this the other day :)

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