Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainy days and Birthdays

I am so glad M****** sent those pictures! It is really sad, we found out yesterday that M****** is actually moving away on the 21st.. :( She is going back to Virginia and she's finishing her schooling there. We are going to miss her very very much, but she has already found which church bldg is closest to her, and she is excited to meet the missionaries there.
I was asked to give a talk on the 22nd about how Seminary effected my decision to serve a mission! I am so excited to do that! And I promise I will send it to you. :)
How on earth did you get in contact with E. Roetkers mother? That's just crazy! Momma, your job sounds like a blast! I am so jealous! You'll have to send me a bunch of pictures while you are there! :) I would love to see where you are and who you are with! :) Also! Send me a picture of that puppy! I want to see!

Things are going pretty well here! We started our first day of only biking yesterday (our car is with a set of sisters now) And I had a lot of fun. We biked about the equivalent of from our house to grandma Jackson's house in order to meet with M******, only to have her tell us that she was leaving :P But we were still able to sit down and talk with her for quite a while, so it was good. We got out of our apartment a little late because we were in a deep cleaning session before Elder Gundersens new Comp. came. So we were able to stop and see 2 investigators and a couple of less-active families. We then headed home. People in South Carolina tend to only text when they're driving, so Elder Sumner somehow nearly gets hit by cars pulling out of gas stations or restaurants. It is kinda funny to watch :P But we're still alive. No need to worry. :) I am made out of magic and rubber, remember? ;) We have a meeting on Tuesday with this 18 year old and his mother that we are teaching, he is getting ready for baptism, and we are working on putting her on date! We are very hopeful, can I put in a prayer request for them? :) Elder Welty is gone now, and Elder Gundersens new Comp. is named Elder Maurer. He is from Colorado, and he seems like a pretty cool kid. He has been out a little over 20 months, and he just came from being a ZL, so he REALLY knows what he is doing. :) He'll be good for Elder G.  The transfer story is kinda of funny..not really because we are both really bummed about it. :/ About 10 minutes after I got through emailing Y'all on Monday, the AP's called us, and told us that (for whatever reason) Our Visa waiter was no longer going to be with Elders Sumner and me. We don't know if they just changed their minds, or his Visa came in, or what, but I don't get a brother. :( Elder Sumner wrote in his Journal (He told me, I didn't read it) That he had a miscarriage today. So, it was a bit of a let down. But I am just happy to still be with Elder Sumner. The more I am with him, the more I realize why I get along with him and am so fond of him..He is a lot like Alec. And he treats me like his little brother the same way (Almost) that Alec did. It gives this comforting feeling of being home, but makes me REALLY miss my family. :) But I am in good hands. :) And I am truly loving it!
I sent you a letter 2 days ago, I hope you get it soon!
Today, it is in the lower 90's and very humid. We are praying for a heavy rainstorm soon! I love biking in the rain for some reason, so unlike me, right? ;)
Monday was Elder Sumner's 20th birthday, and Bro. C*** (Coolest man alive) Took us to Frankies Fun Park. It is basically Boondocks. We started off by having a 4-way go cart race between the 4 elders, and
then played 18 holes of awesome mini golf!! Or PutPut as they refer to it here. No one calls it mini golf here, and it is odd. But it was way fun! I even got Dip 'n Dots!! :) Then we came back, did our shopping and went over to M****** for dinner. Afterwords, she gave Elder Sumner a cake! Haha We sang happy birthday to him and then ate cake. It was just a really fun day. I bought him a new knife, because the one he had out here was dead awful! He loves it! :) I got him the same one Sawyer bought for camp! I have found that a good pocket knife is something the elders use on a regular basis out here, so I might end up buying like a 20$ knife on Monday. That's all I've got for now, I will send a bunch of pictures on Monday, from last Monday. I forgot that SD card today. Love Y'all!!!
-Elder Sunshine!

Cyndi~ Elder Barker also has challenged us all to make a profile and he mentioned that if anyone wanted to send him something, that Walmart giftcards are VERY helpful :)
Thank you all for writing to him, sending gifts, and supporting him in this great work!

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