Monday, September 9, 2013

The worth of a soul.


Hello! To start off, I love you Momma! And I love you Family! You are all in my prayers every day! :) I am always doing well. :) The Lord has my back.
This week has been full of true inspiration and the spirit! There have been one or two things that have been kind of disappointing, but nothing that prayer and study can't fix! :)
I have a story to tell! We have been working with this lady named P**. She isn't a member, and she gets really sick out of the blue & frequently, so it is hard to plan a time to come teach her. She is probably in her fifties. One of the hardest things for her to do is going outside. The heat just takes a lot out of her. So Elder Sumner and I decided to go do some service for her on Friday. We were going to go over and weed the front garden (hers is a little bigger than the flowerbed in front of our house) and just rake it and make it look good. We asked one of the members if he would come help, he said he would love to and told us he'd be there at 9 am to pick us up. Well, he picked us up, and took us to Lowe's rather than to her house. There, out of his own pocket, he bought a wheel barrow, gloves, & drinks. He brought a bunch of rakes and shovels, a leaf-blower, weed whacker, and he bought like 10 bags of mulch! We worked until about 12:30, and when we were done, it looked so great! I had no idea the members here were just so cool! And generous! It made a huge difference to P**, and she is making a big effort to come to church this Sunday. :) Hopefully this week, we will be headed over there to do some more service, because her daughter needs her brakes changed, and doesn't know how. They have the tools and, Thanks to Grandpa and Justin, I have the know-how! :) So I am very excited for that! :)
In one of our earlier lessons with her, we were able to give her a blessing. It was probably the most memorable blessing I have ever taken part in, but not for why you're probably thinking. Her daughter lives with her, and she has a little 2 year old named G*****. She is a "Monkey see Monkey do" kind of little girl. Well, I anointed and Elder Sumner started her blessing. About 30 seconds into it, I felt two very tiny hands on top of mine. I peeked through just a little bit, to see G***** had climbed up, had her eyes closed and had her hands on her Grammy's head. Just like us. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Afterwords we kept teaching, and G***** was watching TV. I have a bit of trouble paying attention while there is a TV on in a house, regardless of what is being played. I was doing a pretty good job however, because it was a dumb little kids show on. I was paying really close attention to the lesson, until I heard "It's time for your check-up!"....All concentration was lost.. :) Then the music started and "It's okay if you giggle! This will only tickle a little!" And I was just laughing! I had to stop and explain why I knew this little kids TV show tune. P** got a good laugh out of my story.
We have started teaching a couple of new families, and we are filling up sacrament meeting! :)
The Clow's are just the best! I may have already told y'all, but they took our car away this last transfer because of the sister missionaries that came in, and brother Clow said "Whenever Y'all need a ride, call me. I'm serious. It's too hot fer biking." We love him. :) Hahaha We didn't get a new companion :/ His Visa came in and he went somewhere else. We are happy for him, but also a little bummed. We were excited to have him!
We found out this last Wednesday, that M****** is moving back to Virginia to finish her school. :( We are very sad about that. We will miss her so very much. But she promised Elder Sumner and Me that she would be at our weddings! :) But she will be missed by everyone in the Ward greatly.
To answer some questions, I work out my ankle every morning with those elastic bands they give people in physical therapy. It is healing very well. :)
I am still getting very soaked every day, but with sweat! It hasn't rained all that much lately, but it has been in the upper 90's the past week. So that has kinda been rough for biking. You walk outside and are already sweating! haha yay for humidity!
I got that jacket from sister France and it will be put to great use as soon as it rains again, or snows. :) It is a very nice jacket.
Apartment life is just fine. We got a new comp for Elder G. Elder Maurer. He is from Colorado, and has been out for 20 months. He's a pretty good kid.
Elder Sumner and I are still getting along great! I have no idea how he is putting up with me to well! ;)
Momma, I love being a missionary. :) Being a missionary is so great. So amazing. The Spirit just takes over everything. You truly become tool in the Lords hand and you are able to listen to every single little prompting and inspiration. You feel the spirit all the time. The spirit that I felt in Nauvoo, is the spirit that I feel all the time here. Knowing that I am being useful to the Lord and helping Him build up His kingdom, and recruiting His children, gives such a greater importance than I thought I had. :)
Haha Tell everyone that told you to tell me hi that I say hi back and that I love and miss them!
I love y'all so much!
Pray for me!

Cyndi~ This is Stanley. 
The treefrog he found after a rain storm. 
No idea if he kept it. I told him no pets on the mission, but.....

The land never ends!

 This was elder sumners birthday at Frankies Fun Park. :)

 Brother Clow :)

 Sweet CTS After a hot day :)

We found the ice-cream man... :)


  1. Hi Cyndi I am Elder Sumner's mom I found your blog after Elder Sumner's girlfriend said you had quite a few pictures posted. I have enjoyed reading it and your son sounds like a great missionary!! I'm not sure if you have joined the missionary mom South Carolina email group but it would be great to talk to you.

    1. I am so honored to speak to you. We have heard wonderful things of your son, he has made a huge difference to Elder Barker. I haven't heard of the group, how do I find it?

    2. Thank you and we have heard wonderful things about your son, they sound like they get along great!! Just google missionary moms lds it will take you to the main website, you answer a few questions and they put you in the right group. It's great I met elder Welty's mom through it.