Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

So, we are at the library a little bit early this morning because we were taken out to breakfast by someone in our ward. :) We enjoy that a lot haha It is starting to cool down in the mornings a lot here too! I am actually wearing a hoodie right now! :) I love this hoodie so much I might have to go buy another one! :) Tell Justin that I'm a hoodie Ninja! ;) He'll get it.
It hasn't rained all that much here though, so we are praying that it will start soon! We love the rain! Today we are headed to the museum and the capitol bldg and all of the places where we would need to take pictures, so we will both be taking a lot of pics. Tell Sawyer happy birthday for me!! AND I WANT PICTURES OF HIM DRIVING!!! I can't believe he is already old enough to drive! He is getting so big! I miss him so much! And The picture of Savannah and Hannah made me laugh :P It was cute. I really wish that we could swim! :P
I will look for your profile on Thursday!
Yes, in South Carolina they call shopping carts buggies. It was really weird when the first person asked us about it. We were proselyting in an apartment complex, and a security guard from the store across the street was driving around and he asked us if we had seen anyone in a buggy. I was so confused. I was picturing someone in like a little VW bug or a dune buggy. So it's funny that you'd ask that.
Church isn't too different, we are really close to Fort Jackson, so we have a lot of military families coming and going through, but other than that it is just like any other Ward. The LDS Church never really seems to change no matter where in the world you are. :) It is really nice actually. :)
One of the weird things about South Carolina, is they don't use wood-chips or anything like that as ground covering. Every place that we would put mulch or wood-chips, they have pine needles! They call it pine straw. I don't understand it!
Moving M****** was a lot of fun actually, we got to meet her Dad and her brother finally, so that was pretty cool. :) I enjoyed that. :) We got everything packed into the truck and we got a couple carpets and rugs for our apartment, so it looks really great now! We are always looking for things that we can do to make it look better! :)
Yes, we covered the sisters in Whipped cream, we had a bet and whoever baptized someone first got to throw a pie or something like that at the other ones. So we won and we did it. :P It was a bunch of fun and just funny :)
My head is actually doing great! The scab that was there fell off 2 days ago, and you can barely see anything anymore. So that is a good thing. :)
It was actually just me who spoke in church yesterday. Elder Sumner didn't have to talk, but it was kinda cool being on the flip-side of the missionaries talking :P
I am actually not sure how we do our flu shots out here. I imagine we just use our missionary medical cards and go to the doctor in our area, but I will try to find that out for you. :)
On Halloween we have to be in our apartment by 6 at night and we can't leave the apartment. Kinda sucks, but It makes sense. :)
 Haha Looking at your cake made me laugh a bunch too! :)

I love you Momma!

So this is Brady, he is M****** dog that acts just like Ellie. His tail was like a roll of
quarters when he was happy to see you! :P

And this is M****** and me right before she took off for Virginia. :)
We miss her dearly.

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